Why are you buying such an expensive bike? Why am I putting myself through this torture? Why are we subjecting ourselves to this risky adventure? So many questions that begin with the ‘why’ word – and the answer is simple: passion.

All of you are passionate about mountain bikes otherwise you’d never have downloaded this magazine. In our own individual approaches, we’re prepared to invest time, money, blood, sweat and tears. We set goals, with some planning lofty rides over the Alps while others pin on start numbers. For many, just the opportunity to ride outside of the office is enough to satisfy the craving. But whatever your target, having the right bike is crucial. Seeing as most of us don’t live in the high mountains, an enduro bike can be a bit OTT so it’s wise to source an agile trail bike that’ll deliver more fun and a bigger grin on your mud-splashed face. Mountains are great but it’s our home trails where we ride more often. We’ve duly pitched nine of these lively beasts against each others – check out the Group Test to see which one came out on top.


Passion can push us to our limits, and sometimes even further than that. Consequently, it’s pretty fortunate when your bike is kitted out with burly enough forks that can forgive you for any majorly wrong line choices. We’re been out testing nine of the current most exciting models around with 150 – 160 mm of travel.


What would our sport be without idols to emulate and identify? But pro enduro riding is losing favour and there’s a growing tendency for riders to sack off the pressures of racing in order to spend more time riding with mates. Discover new trails, explore new regions and countries, and expand your own horizons: can’t sponsor deals account for this trend? Are likes and shares more important than top 10 finishes at the Enduro World Series? For sure –providing there’s authenticity behind the stories! Hannah Barnes is a new generation sort of pro, nailing the marketing, racing and social media channels in one fell swoop. We tell you her recipe for success.


There’s one country that hasn’t yet appeared on Hannah’s social media feed though and that’s Greece. Its many islands aren’t just for sunbathing and tzatziki – they’re also pretty cool for riding and our writer Andi got the chance to explore a new one every single day without once having to repack his suitcase.


Trevor watched the ‘New World Disorder’ video so many times that he wore it out. Now more than 15 years later, he headed to the location of his teenage dreams: Canada.


While social media gurus like Hannah can be inspirational, others dive into the internet’s murky, anonymous side to express contempt for emerging trends and products. No sooner has a new standard or new innovation been announced then the haters come crawling out and mouthing off. But imagine if bikes hadn’t been developed over the past 16 years? If there’d been no innovation and no new standards? Find out what life would be like.


Mountain bikes are more than just a piece of kit for most of us – they unlock new adventures and allow us to escape reality (even just for a brief moment). With this issue we want to awaken your sense of adventure, inspire you to do something crazy and enliven your passion!

As of right now, all the exciting articles can be downloaded from our interactive iPad or iPhone app, and they’ll make their way onto the website over the next few weeks. Have fun reading!

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