Completing a multi-day stage race such as the Trans-Cevennes is no easy feet for both rider and bike, but what does it take to keep both running sweet? IBIS team manager Mary Moncorgé lets us in on her bike and bag set up:

With a race like Trans-Cevennes, I am going to be putting my bike through up to 60km of enduro stages a day for 5 days in a row. Even though I will be careful and will tend to pace myself there will be some damage done to my precious. So better be safe than sorry and come prepared, I am not Mary Poppins though and do not have an extendable bag, so I make sure to pack as much as possible in a neat and tidy place where everything can be found quickly.


A little pre-race routine I keep in mind, especially when I am going to put my bike through a lot for 5 days in a row:
Fresh pads, rotors, cable and housing for gears, bled brakes, some fresh tires with enough sealant if you run tubeless, check the spokes tension and true my wheel if needed. Also, I check all the bearings (in wheels, headset, BB, linkages), I clean my bike thoroughly so you can see if there is any cracks or anything to be fixed, tighten all bolts and screws. As there is no mechanics or bike shops out there, I need to be as self-reliant as possible.

This is a list of what you will find in my bag of spares and tools which I will have access to at the end of every day this coming week.

On the tool side: a cable cutter, BB tool, shock pump, Allen keys (2.5mm to 8mm), a bleeding kit, chain lubes, extra sealant and more CO2 cartridge for the week.

On the spare parts side: an extra pair of tires, housing and hose, spare cleats and rotors and enough food for the week and a spare shock.

Mary Moncorgé Packing For A Multi-day Adventure Race 1Mary Moncorgé Packing For A Multi-day Adventure Race 2
Mary Moncorgé Packing For A Multi-day Adventure Race 3Mary Moncorgé Packing For A Multi-day Adventure Race 4

What is in the black roll bag you may ask? As a team manager, I take it to all EWS races for my athletes. The bag is filled with tiny parts you would loose if not kept neatly, sure it is a bit OCD, but I know where they are and at some point they may save the day:
Spokes and nipples, cleats, chain quick-link, weird bolts and screws, E*13 tool for the cassette, a tool for the RaceFace chainring, T15/T25 tool, rear axles, parts for the brake hose, a couple extra headsets with loads of bearings, zipties, headset spacers, a small adjustable grip, rotorbolts, chainwhip, valves and valve cores, inner cable, brake spacers and cable ends and schrader to presta converter.

Mary Moncorgé Packing For A Multi-day Adventure Race 5Mary Moncorgé Packing For A Multi-day Adventure Race 6

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Words: Mary Moncorgé Photos: Matt Wragg