Petrol in the blood, electricity in the legs – Why life sometimes doesn’t give us a choice

Stereotypes. They are hard to avoid. Especially against blondes. And step-throughs. So when we headed out on a ride with the HNF-NICOLAI UD3 (a step-through) and Paulina (a blonde), we smashed stereotype bingo. For this issue of Downtown, here is a story about being born with petrol coursing through your veins, unconventional ebikes, craftsmanship, picking kids over a career and why the idea of choice in our lives might be false.

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Note: this is no run-of-the-mill story and may prompt feelings of envy – along the lines of “Damn, I wouldn’t mind a girlfriend like this!”

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Words & Photos: Robin Schmitt

About the author

Robin Schmitt

Robin is one of the two founders of 41 Publishing, a visionary and go-getter. While he now enjoys every second on the bike – whenever his busy schedule allows – he used to race against the clock at enduro events and a few Downhill World Cups. Besides that, Robin practises kung fu and Zen meditation, plays the cello or with his dog (which actually belongs to his girlfriend), travels abroad and still reviews numerous bikes himself. Progressive ideas, new projects and major challenges – Robin loves exploring undiscovered potential and getting to the bottom of new trends.