Now in the grip of winter the days are getting shorter and shorter. Soon you will have less time for an after work ride in the sun, and it will be time to mount the trusty light on the bike or helmet. But there is still beauty to be found in the dark of night, Photographer Colin Stewart shows us here a collection of the most incredible night ride pictures to inspire us for the upcoming colder days.

Nightrides sind immer etwas besonders, speziell im alpinen Gelände. Hier fährt Max Schumann in der Nähe von Seefeld gen Tal.
Night Rides are always something special, especially in alpine terrain. Here Harald Philipp rides down a mountain near Seefeld.

Colin himself writes about his newest project:

I recently spent some time putting together a portfolio of some of best night images I’ve made over the past years. Click on the link, flick through and enjoy! Thanks to all the night time action men and women who have been helping me along the way: Harald Philipp, Max Schumann, Christian Schleker, Elisabeth Schwojer, Andreas Prielmaier, Tibor Simai, Berny Stoll, Fabian Gleitsmann, Maximilian Schwarzkopf, Tao Schirrmacher, Andrea Kohlndorfer, Nico Rogner, Laura Brethauer and Lupine.

Harald Philip ist bekannt für alpine Abenteuer und war ebenfalls Nachts vor Colins Linse unterwegs.
Harald is known for alpine adventures and has already been before Colin’s lens a couple times.
Vollgas im Schnee - Max Schumann hat Spaß im Bikepark Samerberg
Full throttle in the snow – Max Schumann has fun in the bike park Samerberg

The entire collection of stunning Night Ride pictures can be found here:

Many more pictures can be found at

Pictures: Colin Stewart

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