Ever had the inclination to swap just one part on your bike but you end up switching virtually every component? My long-term test bike, a SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned, was admittedly already kitted out with some of Syncros’s finest carbon parts, yet after 2,500 km I decided that an oval chainring was just the thing for the bike. But that was just the beginning…

Das Dauertestbike Scott Genius 900 tuned ist bereits serienmäßig mit leichten Carbonteilen ausgestattet. Carbonfelgen, soll mit
Mannes’ long-term test bike, the SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned, comes as standard with a host of lightweight carbon parts from Syncros.

With my palms getting sweaty over Tune’s oval absoluteBLACK XX1 chainring, I gave the Freiburg-based lightweight parts specialists company a call. And no sooner had the oval chainring idea begun to take form in my mind, I started to muse over the idea of swapping the already tricked-out parts on my SCOTT with even more lightweight and tricked-out ones from Tune. The insatiable appetite to upgrade led me to wonder just what else was possible, and how much more weight could be shaved off. On top of the original chainring swap, I’m now splashing out for the Black Burner 29 AM/Enduro carbon wheels with King and Kong hubs, the carbon cranks Black Foot, the Turnstange carbon bars, the Komm-Vor carbon saddle as well as few other small bits and pieces.

Die ebenfalls schon edle SRAM-Kurbel soll ersetzt werden.
The stock 32er chainring began as the sole part to be upgraded for an oval ring of the same size, but now the lovely SRAM cranks have to step aside for the Tune Black Foot.

Back at the end of the 80s, my first mountain bike came complete with an oval chainring from Shimano, which was marketed as Biopace. Not quite won over by it back then, I’m curious to see how today’s oval chainrings ride in comparison. Biopace clearly never turned into an industry standard, and nor did it leave me convinced. But as today’s current crop of oval chainrings is essentially an evolution of the Biopace’s concept, I’m really excited to see how the technology has progressed and assess how the absoluteBLACK XX1 rides.

Tune BLACK FOOT - Kurbel mit 172,5mm Kurbelarmlänge und dem ovalen Kettenblatt absoluteBLACK XX1 mit 32 Zähnen, welches die Kettenblattdurchmesservariation 30Z-34Z bietet.
The oval absoluteBLACK XX1 chainring cuts a fine figure with the Black Foot cranks.

With a crank length of 172.5 mm, the Tune Black Foot cranks came with the oval absoluteBLACK XX1 32-tooth chainring, which – depending on the crank setup – can behave like a chainring with 30 to 34 teeth. The absoluteBLACK XX1 retails at 67 €, and the Black Foot cranks cost 975 €. Once on the scales, the total weight can be seen as 451 g.

The cockpit of my SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned is also in line for a few select upgrades, with the Syncros TR1.0 carbon stem (aluminium-wrapped carbon) and the Syncros FL1.0 carbon bars stepping aside in favour of Tune’s Geiles Teil 4.0 Oversize and the Turnstange bars. The 750 mm bars are low-risers with a diameter of 31.8 mm, which Tune have specified as unsuitable for riders above 110 kg. At just 115 g, the Turnstange bars are potentially record-breakingly lightweight and compatible with gripshifts. If you’re interested in these, count on dishing out 235 € from your wallet. The Geiles Teil 4.0 Oversize stem is milled from aluminium and the 75 mm length tips the scales at 108 g. Costing 213 €, the stem is anodized orange, bearing a chic, laser-etched Tune logo. Naturally, titanium screws are part and parcel of this lightweight package.

Das Original-Cockpit des Scott Genius 900 tuned.
The original cockpit of the SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned featured a 70 mm Syncros TR1.0 carbon stem and carbon bars from the same brand.
Die TURNSTNANGE TUNE, ein Lowriser mit 31,8mm Durchmesser und 750mm Breite. TUNE gibt das max. Fahrergewicht mit 110kg an . Die TURNSTANGE selbst wiegt rekordverdächtige 115 Gramm.
Tune’s Turnstange bars have widened the SCOTT’s cockpit by 50 mm.
Der Vorbau, ein CNC gefrästes Aluminium, orange eloxiert und mit dem tune-Logo geläsert und mit Titan-Schrauben fixiert. Das ist der Vorbau Geiles Teil 4.0 OVERSIZE mit 75mm und 108 Gramm.
A beautifully CNC-ed piece of anodized bike porn: the Geiles Teil 4.0 stem definitely suits the SCOTT’s colourway.

Christened the ‘Komm-Vor’, Tune’s saddle already hints at its satisfying comfy position despite its featherweight nature – although, admittedly, it looks anything but pleasant to sit on. However, having already done a 46 km ride through the mountains, my first impression is definitely a positive one. But don’t just take my word for it; Germany’s downhill legend Marcus Klausmann also has this saddle mounted onto his GHOST enduro bike. This minimalist carbon saddle with leather at the rear weighs in a 97 g, and it’s guaranteed up to a rider’s weight of 90 kg. This ultra lightweight part comes with a 233 € price tag.

Tauschsattel, an dem es nichts auszusetzen gab.
While I was more than satisfied with the SCOTT’s stock Syncros XM1.0 Ergo Optimized saddle, I just couldn’t resist the pull of Tune’s Komm-Vor saddle.
Tune nennt diesen Karbonsattel "Komm-vor". Zugegeben er sieht nicht danach aus, ich hab ihn aber bereits auf einer Bergtour über 46 km gefahren und mein erster Eindruck war deutlich positiv.
While still kept in black and orange like the series model, this one is notably lighter and more exclusive.

I’ve already covered a decent 2,500 km with the original stock Syncros carbon wheelset without encountering any issues – in fact, they’ve served me very well but it was time for a change so they made way for Tune’s Black Burner 29 AM/Enduro with anodized orange King and Kong hubs. According to Tune, this 32-spoke lightweight carbon wheelset (a mere 1,561 g) is suitable for riders up to 100 kg. And while these aren’t Tune’s most lightweight piece of wheeled magic, they’re still reputed to be a top performer. This bit of kit will set you back around 2,500 €.

Austausch der Carbonfelgen syncros TR1.0
The carbon rimmed Syncros TR1.0 wheelset has made room for the Tune Black Burner 29 AM/Enduro.
Die neuen Laufräder Black Burner 29 AM/Enduro, King 32L, Kong 32L
The new Black Burner 29 AM/Enduro wheels with the King and Kong hubs are waiting patiently to be called up for service.
Hinterrad des Black Burner Laufradsatzes mit Kong-Nabe.
The rear Black Burner wheel weighs 828 g, and the front wheel 733 g.

Aptly named, Tune’s carbon bottlecage comes in two models, either the right-sided Rechtsträger or the left-sided Linksträger (referring to which side you can take the bottle from), and it is delivered with aluminium screws. The weight, including the aluminium screws, is 25 g and the price tag is 50.50 €. Take note though, when attaching the Linksträger onto the seatstay, you’ll have to use your right hand to access the bottle.

RECHTSTRÄGER/LINKSTRÄGER Flaschenhalter Set mit rechtsseitigem Eingriff.
There’s even potential for pimping and tuning the bottle cages.


“Born in the Black Forest – built to enjoy nature” is Tune’s slogan and I’m absolutely stoked to see my SCOTT after its revamp and check out how it rides in the wilderness. The Black Foot cranks from Tune are – in my eyes – the most exciting parts that are setting my pulse racing but the whole package will be worth assessing. Naturally, I do recognize that such a lavish upgrade to a bike isn’t necessarily within budget and therefore isn’t one I’d advocate! But who wants to be normal? Pimp my bike!

For more information on the parts we’ve pimped the SCOTT out with, head to tune.de.

Words: Manne Schmitt Photos: Ross Bell

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