We first had a sneaky first look at the new Pole MACHINE on a computer screen in a quiet meeting at Eurobike; our first thoughts on seeing the smooth sculpted lines were “OK, you are making a carbon bike?”. But no! Pole’s well-reasoned thoughts on the environmental implications of carbon production have been well publicised, the MACHINE is something else entirely, something very exciting indeed, it’s CNC machined from solid 7075 T6 alloy.

100% CNC machined from 7075 T6 alloy, the new Pole MACHINE looks incredible
The Pole MACHINE features an asymmetric shock mount to improve seat post insertion. Check out that front shock mount, this bike is full of interesting innovation

100 % not carbon, the Pole MACHINE is 100% machined

The new Pole MACHINE is like nothing else on the market, it’s not formed of tubes but machined 100% in Finland entirely from solid blocks of aluminium. Pole is presenting the 29” monster as a superbike, one bike to rule them all. It’s not pulling any punches either, rocking 180 mm of front travel and 160 mm rear. The frame is a bonded monocoque construction, a method commonly in F1 and aerospace, the 7075 T6 billets clamshell sides are CNC machined out from a solid block, giving complete control of wall thickness, internal structures, and reinforcements, then the pieces are bonded and bolted together. This is a first for the industry and has got all the technical editors very excited.

Leo Kokkonen, the man behind the MACHINE concept has been testing the new Pole MACHINE in Finale Ligure – he is excited.

The rear-swingarm will have the capacity for tyres upto 3 inches wide, and the Pole MACHINE will feature an asymmetric shock to create increased seat tube insert length. In a move that will delight home mechanics and hardcore riders, the Pole MACHINE uses external cable routing, with innovative superlight fixtures for simplicity and ease of use, we approve! Of course, there will be a cable port for a stealth dropper post. Like the EVOLINK, all the mounting hardware is titanium and the MACHINE features even bigger bearings and axles (increasing from 10 mm to 12 mm) for increased durability. The water bottle has had a revival of late and the Pole MACHINE can accept a whopping 3, so you can get more off your back, and onto your bike.

Leo claims the new Pole MACHINE is a bike to do it all, from fast trail loops, to hammering full on DH trails.

The Geometry of The Pole MACHINE

The geometry shares a lot with the current EVOLINK, with a 63.9° head angle, 456 mm chainstays, a 20 mm BB drop, the signature steep 79° seat angle (78° actual). The reach will be the same as the current EVOLINK sizes, and Leo is currently riding a new ‘medium plus’ prototype with a reach of 490 mm. . The standover is even lower than the Pole EVOLINK which is already one of the lowest on the market, allowing a larger range of riders to choose their bike size on reach rather than standover. Here at ENDURO we are firm believers in the long and slack geometry for performance focussed riders, check out our #thegeometryaffair and enduro bike race test for more thoughts on the Pole geometry concept. Details are still being held in secret, but Pole are claiming that the increased strength of 7075 T6 aluminium have allowed them to machine a lighter frame. The first MACHINE’s off the production line will not be painted, instead it will be left raw to show the uniqueness of the manufacturing process, as such the frame will not suffer from chips and wear, prolonging the aesthetic life of the frame.

We will get our hands on a Pole MACHINE very soon.

How much will a Pole MACHINE cost?

The Pole MACHINE is unashamedly high-end, and frame only prices will be €3450 in Pole’s ‘pre-order’ special sale. The first frames will be delivered between Feruary – April 2018. Full bikes will also be available. Pre-orders go on sale for the Pole MACHINE now so keep an eye on the Pole website for full details.

And that’s it, at this time that’s all the information we are allowed to reveal, but we are working hard to bring our first-ride impressions very soon. The Pole MACHINE has certainly grabbed our attention, technologically one of the most exciting bikes of the coming year. Stay tuned for more very soon.

More info at: polebicycles.com

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