Servers are summing, heads are spinning, graphic designers are swearing and our coffee machines are pumping the energizing elixir non-stop – ENDURO Issue #015 has entered its final phase! On Thursday it will be finished and the “Next Level” will hit the digital shelves. Here are some of the great stories to look forward to!


The undisputed highlight of this issue is our first grouptest in the United States. Together with our new U.S. editor Joe Parkin and a team of seven test riders, we put eight cross-country bikes to the ultimate challenge. How would these short-travel bikes handle the rough climbs and brutal descents of Santa Barbara’s mountains? In the end the results were surprising – cross country bikes are nothing like they once were, the new generation are sexy, fast, and damn fun to ride. In short: they’re on the next level!

The test field: BMC Four Stroke FS02 | Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 2 | Felt Edict 1 | Giant Anthem Advanced SX 27.5 | Ibis Ripley | Marin Rift Zone 8 | Trek Fuel EX 9.8 27.5 | Yeti ASRc


The Rocky Mountain Instinct ENDURO editor Christoph tested deep in the Bavarian woods is no less sexy though!

But this issue hasn’t only seen wheels revolving at high speeds; our UK team took over the Hope laboratory and some of Scotland’s finest trails to put six of the leading disc brakes through their paces. To win this group test, the brakes would have to be powerful, controllable, and reliable. Read ENDURO issue #015 for our verdict on which brakes deserve your trust.


No matter how awesome short travel bikes become, our hearts still beat for longer-travel bikes. But how versatile is an enduro bike really? To answer this question, we lined up specialists from different bike categories to compete against a single enduro bike on their own home turf – the results were surprising for sure!


But of course travel’s not just about testing, sometimes it has a deeper meaning. UK Editor Trev visited England’s South West to revive his mountain biking roots with those who were there from the beginning – “No Bad Days” weaves a tale about old friends, awesome trails and great waves.


Christoph sneaked into the development and production facility of Magura and brought back exciting insights into “Made in Germany” manufacturing.


Our long-term tester Daniel traveled to Munich, to choose his new “company bike” in the ROSE Biketown. What a hard job! But before he could do so, he first had to survive an epic alpine fatbike adventure – the spectacular pictures (and the findings!) of this trip are inside ENDURO issue #015!


While the others played in snow and mud, ENDURO director Robin chose to swap the German coldness for the warmth of Spain at Treks first ever e-mountainbike press camp in the Sierra Nevada – check out ENDURO #015 to find out if his plan worked out and what’s up with these e-mountainbikes everyone is talking about…

20150220_enduro_issue_015_Sierra Nevada

ENDURO Issue #015 will be released on Thursday. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, so you don’t miss it!

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Aaron Steinke

Aaron was our first employee and actively helped make our company what it is today, significantly shaping the look and direction of our various magazines. Aaron has been pursuing his own projects since mid-2020 but he continues to advise and support us on issues of marketing and technology. For many years, you would usually have found Aaron at casual enduro races, but increasingly you'll find him riding his road bike – long live freedom on two wheels!