On a sunny and beautiful day Pogno was invaded by 333 excited Enduro-Bikers, coming mostly from northern Italy, Sardinia and Switzerland. As a result of a perfect organization and coordination, the event was led by the “Gufi” in collaboration with Cico Bikes and Team Locca, all the bikers could benefit from a great day filled with adrenaline, fun and competitive spirit.


The absolute winner of the first race on the Coppa Piemonte 360Enduro circuit was Davide “master of the house” Sottocornola, who masterfully dominated the race in all of the 3 special stages.

Along with him Chiara Pastore , his life and team partner, was the clear winner of the women’s category.

Behind Davide the other bikers were pinned and the young Matteo Raimondi took the second place (Davide’s pupil).

The national team downhiller Andrea Gamenara took the third place followed by the “little bull” Jacopo Orbassano in great shape. A good result also for Andrea Toniati.

4 of the bikers that took the first 5 places of the overall classification are member of team Cico Bikes Dsb Ion Nons with, the only biker not from the team was Andrea Gamenara, coming from team Ancillotti Doganaccia.


Also significant was the presence of many young Bikers aged 13-16 years old who ventured into the PS1 and PS2. All were very happy and enjoyed it immensely!


Click here, to see the complete ranking.


The race unfolded without any accidents, although the very high numbers of participants were tough to manage. There were some hitches during the Sunday morning registration procedure and a slight delay in publishing of the final classifications. Apart from these little troubles, it was a great event!


A good reason for the success was the strong and effective promotional campaign that reached a lot of “Sunday pro” bikers. Bikers looking for a cost effective race, could engage themselves on the regional circuit named “one day low cost”.


A paddock area has been setup and the participation of many teams, exhibitors, bike shops and companies proves that many firms are increasingly supporting the 360Enduro’s project. As proof of this fact, the experimental category E-bike attracted 5 participants equipped with bikes such as Haibike Ebike.


The next stop is Roasio VC for the second stage of 360Enduro!


For more information about the 360 Enduro Series, visit www.360enduro.it

Pictures: www.omarpistamiglio.it

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