Overall Series Winners (left to right): Horgan-Kobelski, Goodman, Powers, Hanrahan, Irmiger, Anderson, Beeson
Overall Series Winners (left to right): Horgan-Kobelski, Goodman, Powers, Hanrahan, Irmiger, Anderson, Beeson

The third and final stop of the Bell Enduro Cup took place Sunday, August 18 under the majestic backdrop of Mount Timpanogos at Sundance Resort in Utah. The course featured a wide variety of trails, from old-school kamikaze fire roads to off-camber rooty sections to flowy trails slaloming through the pines. The race demanded riders have the fitness to rip through the pedally sections while maintaining the focus and energy to shred the downhill course on the final timed stage. Riders raced not only to win the Sundance race, but also to take the overall Bell Enduro Cup series title.

Sundance Open Men's Podium (left to right): Butler, Horgan-Kobelski, Cowern
Sundance Open Men’s Podium (left to right): Butler, Horgan-Kobelski, Cowern

In the Open Men’s field, Horgan-Kobelski sailed flawlessly through the four timed stages inching past second place rider Cody Butler by slightly more than two seconds. His final and winning time was 19:57.45. The win also confirmed his overall series ranking and earned him the Bell Enduro Cup Men’s Championship title.

Sundance Open Women's Podium (left to right): Irmiger, Gibson, Rodriguez
Sundance Open Women’s Podium (left to right): Irmiger, Gibson, Rodriguez

In the Women’s Open competition, Alisha Gibson and Heather Irmiger were neck and neck throughout the race. At the end of the race, Gibson emerged as the Sundance race winner absolutely crushing the downhill section of the course. Gibson’s total race time was 22:05.03. Irmiger, who has won the last two Bell Enduro Cup race stops, managed the highest women’s rank in the series. Bell Enduro Cup series winners were awarded blown-glass charger plates made in the art studios at Sundance Resort.

Men's Open Winner: Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Men’s Open Winner: Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski

“Sundance Resort was the perfect place to finish the inaugural season of the Bell Enduro Cup,” said Event Director Dan Roper. “We have had a spectacular season with excellent athlete participation all summer long. We are already excited for next year.”

Riders and spectators also had the chance to enter a raffle which raised nearly $500 for the Redford Center. Raffle prizes were provided by Ergon, ENVE Composites, Oakley, Bell Helmets and Salomon.

Women's Open Winner: Alisha Gibson
Women’s Open Winner: Alisha Gibson

Bell Enduro Cup at Sundance Resort was the final stop of the 2013 series. Inspired by it’s incredible success in 2012, the Wasatch Enduro has been expanded to the new Bell Enduro Cup. The 2013 Bell Enduro Cup featured stops in Moab and at Canyons Resort in addition to Sundance Resort.

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Sundance Race Top Results

Open Men

  1. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Boulder, CO), 19:57.45
  2. Cody Butler (Payson, UT), 19:59.90
  3. TJ Cowern (Moab, UT), 20:11.58

Open Women

  1. Alisha Gibson (Durango, CO), 22:05.03
  2. Heather Irmiger (Boulder, CO), 22:09.82
  3. Ana Rodriguez (Salt Lake City, UT), 23:51.65

AM Men 19-29

  1. Vinny Mauro, 21:47.02
  2. Adam LaVigne, 22:01.24
  3. Kyle Wehmanen, 22:15.98

AM Men 30-39

  1. Ryan Stenson, 20:46.82
  2. Kris Baughman, 21:02.11
  3. Ben Craner, 21:07.97

AM Men 40+

  1. Dave Beeson, 21:42.15
  2. Craig Skinner, 22:39.58
  3. Chris Bingham, 22:57.68

Junior Men

  1. Demetri Triantafillou, 20:50.63
  2. Evan DeGray, 22:16.12
  3. Joshuah Anderson, 22:40.31

AM Women

  1. Erika Powers, 24:52.05
  2. Emma Maaranen, 26:59.35
  3. Jenn Berg, 27:10.40

Bell Enduro Cup Overall Series Winners

Open Men: Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Open Women: Heather Irmiger
Amateur Men 19-29: Steve Goodman
Amateur Men 30-39: Joe Hanrahan
Amateur Men 40+: David Beeson
Junior Men: Joshuah Anderson
Amateur Women: Erika Powers

Complete event results and the start lists are available online at endurocupmtb.com/sundance/. For more information or to register visit www.endurocupmtb.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via EnduroCupMTB.

Text: Bell Enduro PR | Fotos: Mike Schirf/EnduroCupMTB.com

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