The second round of the Enduro Madeira Series, Enduro Challenge, was held on the 2nd of May under a blue sky and perfect conditions and it was organized by Freeride Madeira a local MTB tour company.

Daniel Pombo Stage 2

The 49.3 km were divided in 6 special stages and 7 liaisons, 2482m uphill and 3375m downhill, with no lift assistance.

Rui Sousa Stage 4

After the morning briefing at Jardim do Mar, the race started at Fonte do Bispo with the shortest and flattest stage of the Day, “NEGRAS”.
Stage 2 “PARGOS” and 3 “Pombos” were divided by the first big climb of the day, being “POMBOS” part of a popular downhill track in Madeira.
After that the climbs were getting longer and harder and the special stages technical and physical.

Stefanie Klostermeier on the last stage

Before the last two stages the 38 participants had to face with 120 minutes of burning sun, pushing the bike back to the starting point of the race. Quite a challenge, only to be flowed by two, almost consecutive, final stages that pushed booth athletes and machines to the limit.

Je_re_my Frotey Stage 4

The race was won by Emanuel Pombo (30:46m), winner of the first round also, flowed by Paulo Batista (32:19m) and Daniel Pombo (33:27m).

Emanuel Pombo Stage 4

Full Results:



  1. Emanuel Pombo (30:46m)
  2. Paulo Batista (32:19m)
  3. Daniel Pombo (33:27m)
Master 30

Master 30

    Nuno Quintal (35:52m)
  1. Ricardo Pinto (37:28m)
  2. Jérémy Frotey (39:20m)
Master 40

Master 40

  1. Alexandre Rebelo (39:33m)
  2. Paulo Sousa (39:41m)
  3. Miguel Zacarias (41:44m)
Podium Individual, 1st place Dobromir Dobrev winner of the _Enduro do Mediterraneo_ the week before held in Greece


  1. Dobromir Dobrev (34:22m)
  2. Tiago Luís (37:41m)
  3. Nuno Vargem (41:45m)


  1. Stefanie Klostermeier (45:22m)

Next race is the Enduro Madeira Championship on a date to be announced.

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Words: Ricardo Pinto Photos: Bruno Santos

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