For the love of enduro! This is what made team FACE pool their resources together and cook up this story!
A two day respite from the rain set the stage for this enduro. Conditions were just right. 58 Riders from davao, gensan, cotabato zamboanga and host tacurong came with eager expectations. After the customary checks and precautions, off they went!


This particular enduro which we named ‘Enduro ta diri’ is an ilongo term which roughly translates to “enduro tayo dito” has about 20k of undulating terrain divided into 5 liaison and special stages(SS).
To get to SS1 riders faced a long climb up a fairly steep road which led to a steep single track downhill trail. Although a bit short by our standards it was not wanting in technicality and the required “fear factor”.

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From there it was a very steep push up into Decela nature park. At this stage the riders stamina was greatly challenged, but was rewarded as they reached the road up the hill below the forest canopy where SS2 began.

SS2 starts as a winding downhill farm road, descending into some steep sections of corn fields which also doubled as cushions as some riders came tumbling down the incline.


Then it was a walk/push along the bank of a small stream leading to (again) a steep twisting path of limestone which eventually led to a clearing on a semi plateau up another mountain.

From there SS 3 was a swift blur of flowing single track, sometimes off camber, with small tree stumps dangerously lingering just outside the path. It ended just above a stream.

Liaison 4 would again lead up to race HQ where riders found the start of SS4 in a limestone quarry, there riders had to manoeuvre between loose limestones in order to maintain balance and composure. SS4 is a downhill pedally section where the xc strength of the rider was truly tested.

At this point, some riders were spent or at their limits already. but somehow they found the strength to climb liason 5, the longest ascent of all the stages. This is the “reverse ” trail so difficult to ascend, we have only done downhill runs here before. Here riders took in numerous stops going up, with exhaustion setting in. One by one riders slowly but surely reached the starting point of SS5. It’s a fast trail with very steep rock gardens and ends just below race HQ!


At this time racers were weary and tired but was quickly energized by the thought of the awards ceremony. Teams loaded their bikes to their respective vehicles and proceeded to Palm bistro for the ceremony.
The atmosphere was festive as each hungry rider wolfed down food while having endless conversations about the days exploits.
As everybody settled down every rider earned and was rewarded with a finishers certificate and an Enduro finishers medal to seal the deal.


The event ended with riders enjoying each others company and new found camaraderie.
All in all it was jubilation, excitement and anticipation for enduro mountainbike racing. This started early plans regarding future races. With the seed that we have sown we hope that enduro mountainbiking in Mindanao is ready, set and well on its way.

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Words & Pictures: Sly Lumbao

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