It was a highly successful Cebu Leg for the Enduro Pilipinas Series. On 25 August 2013, nearly a hundred mountain bikers from all over the Philippines converged at Las Nubes located in the highlands surrounding Cebu City. From as far as northern Luzon, to as far south as Sultan Kudarat, mountain bikers met their Visayan counterparts to race the winding tracks of Cebu.

Adrian Walag, along with Sly Lumbao of The Enduro Network, led the enthusiastic Cebuanos in organizing the race. Since Cebu was easily accessible by air transport, this meant riders from all over the country could participate. Zamboanga, for instance, was strongly represented with no less than twenty participants.

Most of the riders opted to stay at Las Nubes, which served as this leg’s pit. The various teams had lodging near race HQ, ensuring easy facilitation and coordination. As each team arrived the day before the race, most of these track read the course. Initial impressions were that the long liaison stages, coupled with the increasingly muddy tracks as well as the number of participants, would result in a race that would possibly end well into the night. However, race day proved otherwise, and barely more than an hour had passed when word that a small group of riders had pulled away from the main pack and were quickly on their way to Stage 2. By 4pm, the race was practically over, and the teams were shuttled to the pits in rented jeepneys.

Anyhow, pictures tell a thousand words, and so…


Team ZAMBOANGA led the charge at the start of the race, pedaling hard on Liaison Stage 1.

P1030443 P1030449

Most veterans of the series stayed back took a more relaxed pace at the start of the race.


Riders reaching the top of Special Stage 2. (Photo from Jetnx Actub)


Zamboanga riders being released at Special Stage 2. (Photo from Jetnx Actub)


Some took a break before hitting the special stage (Photo from Jetnx Actub).

DSC_8265 DSC_8290 DSC_8329 DSC_8382 SDC10400 DSC_0572 DSC_0526

A group of trying to fix a bike. (Photos from Marbie Monteclaro)


By four in the afternoon, most riders had finished the race. By five, almost everyone was back at Las Nubles.


Team FACE (Federation of All-terrain Cycling Enthusiasts) from Sultan Kudarat.






After all the finishers were given their medals, the Top 10 finishers were announced (shown here).


Nilo Estayo takes the win at the Cebu Leg, with Roel Quitoy from Zamboanga, and Michael Ciero on 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

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Text: Thomas Tirona

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