Big Ride powered by Cannondale Spanish Enduro Open MTB finished on a high. Victory went to the Catalan Rider Roger Gonzalez, his second position in the Cercedilla race, deep in the Madrid mountains, ensured his overall victory.


It was the fourth and last race in the series which has ranged across the best Enduro locations in the country.

This last race had been won in style by the rider Ruben Rodríguez, who despite crashing in the previous race and injuring his rib cage came back with the best times. “The truth is it’s very good. I started to take out the bike the week after the injury. And I was pretty limited in what I could do to avoid further damage. However, at the beginning of the race I felt confident and it has gone really perfectly”, said Ruben after discovering he had won.


This result put him on the Podium of the Enduro Open in second place behind Roger González, who came in second in Cercedilla, but who was declared the overall victor of the Enduro series. “The race, despite my chain coming off on the second stretch, went well. It has been a very long year but it feels worth it after taking first place in the Open general classification. I began with limited hopes but now I am really feeling great. “


Third position in the general Open classification went to sub 21 Juan Antonio Pascual Heredia, who topped the sub 21 category and was third best overall, a great achievement, which showed that despite his youth, he had technical skills as well as the strength of character for Enduro “I spent the year training and now things have gone pretty well and the results are coming right. It makes me feel good. In this race I didn’t put a foot wrong, its dry ground here, and I am used to that in Malaga”, he said after the prize giving ceremony.


In the female classifications, the Cercedilla race was won by local rider Sandra Gomez, this was her first Enduro on a bicycle as she normally rides on motorbikes. Second place went to Muriel Bohuet, and third to Eva Garrido.


Despite being third in this race Eva was clear winner of the Spanish Open Enduro. “This race was tough for me, this ground isn’t the terrain that suits me well and I was tired after the journey and the other races. But I feel that I have achieved the objectives I set out for myself when we began”, said a tired but contented Eva at the end of the race.

The race happened in one of the most enjoyable and welcoming places for Enduro lovers.

A total of 4 timed stretches by untimed sections was the basis of the race, However, even on untimed sections riders had a limited time to reach the next timed point. Over 31 kilometres, against the clock. These riders had to combine speed and skill and persevere through different terrains some very fast but some rocky and dense with roots.


Big Ride powered by Cannondale came to Madrid having already achieved success in different locations, ranging from the Mediterranean village of Ojen in Malaga to the Atlantic mountains of the “Forest of Tui” via the beautiful Pyrenean town of Castejon de Sos – amazing locations all of them and each with different challenges. The Riders who took the prizes should be so proud of their achievements. However, everybody who took on these events learnt and benefited from the experience. This year has been the most exciting yet and the organizational team and the towns involved also have much to be proud of. The big-hearted welcome that we received across Spain has inspired us all.

Big Ride powered by Cannondale has shown that there is almost no limit to what can be achieved in Spanish Enduro, The diversity of the country and the readiness of the local areas to welcome riders makes Spain the perfect place for these events.

So it only remains to say Thanks to everyone involved, riders and organizers, who made 2014 such a memorable year. See you again in 2015!

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