The Joy Ride Open took place in Zakopane (POL) from the 19th to 21st September 2014. 325 riders competed in 4 events. One of them was the last edition of Kellys Enduro race.


The day begun in a not too optimistic fashion. Incredibly strong rain, dreary and cold – this unfortunately deterred the riders from taking part in the competitions. Luckily, as time went on the weather conditions improved and even the sun started to shine.


On the starting line only 32 contestants arrived, that is just half of people from the start list. This group earned a great deal of respect and congratulations on their steadfastness.


The first special stage was held on the Szymoszkowa slope, contestants had to compete in absolute dampness which flowed from the sky and from under the wheels. Tires worked like crazy to find traction and it was not always sufficient, but luckily there were not been any serious accidents.


Without any doubt, the greatest hero of this stage was Tomasz Obrochta who completed more than a half of its length with a blow out, splitting is inner tube on the ascent across the Szymoszkowa Slope with a tire without air, and finally occupied ninth place.


Then the contestants, having lost a little contrast with the benefit of camouflage colours has gone to the Butorowy Wierch in order to tackle the slippery, but less muddy tracks. On the two special stages located in this region the winning results has been shared between Tomasz Obrochta and Arkadiusz Perin.


The last stage, on which probably the number of crashes were greater than the number of contestants, led through the downhill route in the Harenda. A lot of mud, which is very specific on this track, was comparable to moving on the slippery parquet floor. Difficult conditions led in some cases to a rather surprising reshuffle in the scores table.

Winner Arek Perin and SWAG 50

The winner of the competition and the entire Kellys Enduro cycle has been Arkadiusz Perin who was awarded with a Kellys SWAG 50 bike, a set of tires from Maxxis company and FOX protectors. His greatest rival, Mariusz Bryja, has had to resign from taking part in these competitions because of an injury which he sustained a day before.

Words & Pictures: Joyride Poland PR

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