L’Enduro of Veilleurs de vie Could be called “Enduro of the guardians of life”. The race benefits three associations with the donation of life (bone marrow, blood, plasma).

The spectacular French Alps
The spectacular French Alps

Each rider chose which association will benefit from his registration, and some internationally ranked riders came to assist this humanitarian event.

Regnier was riding full gas in support of this great cause!
Regnier was riding full gas in support of this great cause!

Bryan Regnier, the godfather of the race, came as forerunner among Nicolas Quéré, Florian Nicolai, Sebastien Claquin, some huge challengers of the enduro world series for a local race in south of France with only 250 racers.

Nicolas Quere was shredding hard!
Nicolas Quéré was shredding hard!

Three stages, 1300m of descent into the dry hills dropping into the Mediterranean sea and under the hot sun of the french riviera near Marseille at Gemenos, and of course, no lift.

Nicolas Quéré was on fire, riding very fast, but he paid his ardor on a technical and rocky section at the bottom of the stage 3. He was so powerful into the turn, his tire came off the rim just in front of rocky drops and he finished the stage on the rim.


Florian Nicolai was confident, still on his flowy lines, he took The victory with prudence. The young gun missed the podium in Rotorua on a flat, but he knows how to manage a race.

Florian Nicolai
Florian Nicolai

Bryan Regnier had no problems, the forerunner was calm and collected, committed to ride for all the kids who benefit from the associations involved.


This is a good example of the selfless community of enduro racing, EWS riders and locals who were here for the same goal, to help people have fun and save lives. This humanitarian enduro race format was the second edition, with the third definitely on the way.

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