HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and what a year it looks to be! Spring is coming, the days are getting longer and the time to shred with your mates is almost upon us! With a new Enduro World Series, local, national and international events popping up everywhere, it’s going to be great!

But lets not forget all the amazing things that happened last year! Join us as we look back through our most popular videos of 2013, month by month! From Dan Atherton shredding his local AM trail to the gruesome crash that nearly brought Cedric Gracia to an end, here are 12 amazing videos that defined the year!


A great short film by Robbie Meade, following Dan Atherton as he rides some amazing Welsh backcountry on Cadair Idris, UK.


Pauline Dieffenthaler (Mavic / Cannondale) enjoys some great riding around Etna in Sicily.


Excellent: Way faster than you… This video shows what mountainbiking is not about, or is it?


For almost two decades, SCOTT Sports has been pushing the limits of carbon fiber bicycle design. Take this opportunity to step into the factory, and to get an inside look at how they take the world’s most abundant element, combine it with the IMP, or Integrated Molding Process, and develop it into a world class carbon fiber bicycle.


Hannah rides her home trails around Fort William, Scotland. Filmed and edited by Liam Murphy.


In case your eyes deceive you, this is a stop-motion video. Every frame of the video is a photograph, the rider and the bike laying posed on a concrete floor. The ground and trees were later drawn on each photo with a digital pen. Weeks of planning, thirty-five hours of photography totally 1000 pictures, followed by fifty long hours at the computer editing photos, audio, and video.


Just for the ride, the challenge, the thrill.


This is not a bike film, well not as you’d expect it i guess. And even though it’s narrated by Alan Watts, a philosopher, the question it brings up is rather basic. What if you wouldn’t be scared, scared to give up the job you hate, scared to leave for a better place…

What if you could dream your whole life in one night and make changes the nights following. Would you still be the same person when you wake up? Can a simple dream change your everyday life?


The original idea behind this edit was to go for a spin without getting off for them bloody gates, cliffs, stiles and things, or as Chris Akrigg like to call it a triple XC ride. All aboard the Mongoose Teocali.


10 Year old Seth Sherlock, owning Squamish B.C.


The french rider Kilian Bron from Team MIA SANTACRUZ returns to the top of his mountains to rip down them in quite the badass fashion. In this episode, he rides his trusty mountain bike down a very technical and twisty singletrack side of Annecy. Before he’s through MTB riding, he continues to Les Gets, getting faster and more committed to the terrain below. Pure, Committed Enduro MTB Riding in Annecy & Les Gets.


Warning: This helmet cam video shows Cédric’s crash at La Réunion Island and may be shocking for the more sensitives of us. Nevertheless this video shows that everyone can crash, no matter how well he rides and that sometimes little crashes can turn into a chaos and simply could be your last crash! We all need to know some basic first aid to be able to help in unexpected dangerous situations!

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