Justin Leov (Trek Factory Racing) already used the new MET Parachute HES helmet at the Enduro World Series Races in Scotland and France. Now the helmet should get sold soon. For this reason we took the chance to check it out and see how it performs. The new MET Parachute HES Fullface Helmet is about to be released, so we used the chance at the Bike Festival in Willingen to take a look at the helmet and check the features:

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The new MET Parachute HES aims to combine the advantages of a classic open-face helmet with the safety of a full face helmet. This is achieved by using the double-molded construction with an integrated skeleton construction formed into the helmet.
The old MET Parachute came with an optional chin guard. However the new one is fixed, and can be be used as full-fledged Full Face even for racing. In order to certify the helmet for this it was necessary to adapt the face guard and fix it to the helmet.

Justin Leov unterwegs mit dem MET Parachute HES
Justin Leov already used the helmet at some races. Picture: Jérémie Reuiller
Das Visier lässt sich ohne Werkzeug in der Höhe variieren. Neben dem Sonnenschutz soll es zusätzlich für eine gute Belüftung sorgen.
The visor can be adjusted without tools. In addition to sun protection, it should also provide a good ventilation.
Für eine top Belüftung sorgen die etlichen Öffnungen welche sich sowohl im Kinnbügel, wie auch auf dem Helm befinden.
The big holes on the top of the helmet and the smaller ones on the face guard should ensure a great ventilation.
Der klassische Dopple-D Mechanismus ist nach wie vor der sicherste Verschluss auf dem Markt.
The classic Double ‘D mechanism is still the safest lock system on the market.
Mit Hilfe des Safe-T Smart 2 Drehverschluss-System soll sich der Helm optimal an den Kopf anpassen lassen.
Using the Safe-T Smart 2 retention System, the helmet should offer optimal adaption to each head.
Helmkamera, Google uvm
Standard adaptability: HES Cameras can be mounted with an adapter. Picture: Jérémie Reuiller
An der Stirn kommt das von MET bekannte Gel O2 Front-Pad zum Einsatz. Es soll dank eingelassenser Rillen nicht nur den Schweiß zur Seite abtransportieren, sondern auch angenehm kühlend wirken.
At the forehead the well known MET Gel O2 front pad is used. Instead of absorbing the perspiration it should sends it towards to the side of the face and also should offer a great comfort and cool feeling.
Die Grundform des MET Parachute HES stammt vom Golden Eyes HES der Tochterfirma Bluegrass.
The basic structure of the MET Parachute HES comes from the Golden Eyes HES helmet of the subsidiary company bluegrass.


  • Construction: Double-Inmold-helmet with integrated HES-skeleton-construction; Face Guard fix integrated
  • Pads: Gel O2 Front-Pad (Polyurethan-Morpho-Gel) Coolmax Pads in the entire helmet
  • Belts: Kevlar-reinforced with air bridges
  • Retention System: Safe-T Smart 2 occipital retention System
  • Head contanct: 50%
  • MET Cooling Factor: 8 (fron 1 to 10, 1 lowest cooling, 10 best cooling)
  • Colours: Matt Black/Red; Matt Black/Cyan; Matt White; Matt Orange/Cyan
  • Sizes: M = 54-58 cm; L = 59-62 cm
  • Weight: M = 700 Gramm; L = 740 Gramm
  • Price: 199,- Euro (EVP)
  • Available: End of July 2014

Our Opinion on the new MET Parachute HES:

Any doubts that the extremely light MET Parachute HES does not provide the full security of a heavy full face helmet are unfounded, in fact the Parachute offers the same if not greater protection than most traditional full face helmets on the market, exceeding the american full face standard certification ASTM-F1952-2032. By using different materials, the revolutionary construction enables MET to offer “full” full face protection at only 700g. Due to its extremely good ventilation and low weight, it not only makes the second helmet in the race superfluous, it is especially recommended for fast laps on home trails. Here the helmet will offer an enormous gain of safety compared to a traditional open-face helmet while on the hunt for the next Strava KOM.

For more information about the MET Parachute HES visit: www.met-helmets.com

Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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