Welcome to the future! Faultless wireless technology is finally here. The new RockShox Reverb AXS gives us a high performance wireless dropper post, but it comes with a significant € 800 price tag. Can any post be worth so much money?

Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

RockShox Reverb AXS | 650 g | 150 mm as tested | € 800 including AXS remote

The installation of the new RockShox Reverb AXS goes like this: slide in post, attach remote to bar, pair both… ride. Using SRAM’s proprietary AXS data transmission standard, RockShox have finally given us an electronic wireless post that functions just as well as – in fact, better than – a standard post. The wireless remote is attached via a matchmaker clamp and features a huge activation paddle that is easy to find with your thumb. The post is powered by a small rechargeable battery that should last about 40 hours of riding time. Based on our tests this number seems a little optimistic but we didn’t need to charge more frequently than every few weeks, even when riding daily. The battery takes just 1 hour to charge and an LED on the rear of the post shows the battery level: green for full, red for 50% and flashing red when it’s time to charge. The remote uses a 2032 button cell battery which is expected to last for 2 years, though replacements are easy to find. Internally the post features revised internals with an IFP hydraulic cartridge. As there’s no need for a cable actuator, in its place RockShox have fitted a ‘Vent Valve’ allowing you to refresh the IFP in seconds should the post become spongy. Simply flip the post over, hold down the Vent Valve and cycle the post. During our testing we didn’t have to use this function once. To make way for the AXS unit, the seat clamp has been redesigned with a single bolt to attach the saddle. This also makes it less fiddly to use, especially with the new tilt control that makes saddle angle adjustments effortless.

On the trail, the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post is on another level to the competition.

The brains of the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper are housed in the post head adding to the stack height. However, the single clamp design makes saddle tilt adjustment effortless.
Without the need for an actuator at the bottom, the RockShox Reverb AXS is the most compact post on test. In its place is a Vent Valve to revive the post if needed.
The push button remote has a large paddle that activates and stops the post instantly. Next-level performance!
Post Price Total length1 Max insertion2 Ride height3 Stack height4 Travel [mm] Weight (incl. remote) Mechanism
RockShox Reverb AXS € 800 470 mm 245 mm 190 mm 75 mm 100 – 125 – 150 – 170 650 g Wireless

The post is available in 100, 125, 150 and 170 mm drops and is compatible with oval seat rails too. There is a small amount of lateral play at the head, but its not something you can notice when you’re in the saddle. However, there are some small disadvantages. The post is the heaviest in test and the bulky saddle clamp isn’t the prettiest solution. Unique to this post, you also have to remember to charge it. The bulky saddle clamp results in a large stack height, meaning short-legged riders may have to lose some drop height if space above the seat clamp is at a premium. However, the lack of actuator means the Reverb AXS requires comparatively little insertion depth, making it perfect if your bike has a kinked seat tube.

A quick press of the tactile button on the 56g remote starts the post moving, and the instant the button is released the post stops – far faster and more accurately than possible with any cable or hydraulic post. Combined with the beautifully damped stroke of the revised internals, the light and instantaneous activation means you can stop the post anywhere in its travel with with pinpoint accuracy. The RockShox Reverb AXS takes the smooth travel and featherlight breakaway force that makes the RockShox Reverb outstanding, and adds effortless installation along with the lightest action and most controllable activation of any post on the market. Outrageously expensive, it’s certainly not for everyone, but the future is here for those with deep pockets.


In terms of performance, the new RockShox Reverb AXS post is next level. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it does increase the stack height of the standard RockShox Reverb C1. But it also brings the lightest action, the most accurate control and next-level installation and technology. It’s not perfect, but we are confident that wireless will become the new standard for dropper posts in the future. For that reason, this dropper takes Best In Test.


  • next level performance
  • wireless installation


  • tall stack height
  • requires charging

For more info read our first ride article of the Reverb AXS or head to: sram.com.

Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

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