Rocky Mountain BC Edition (1 von 1)

Jury Verdict

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition signals the beginning of a new era in XC bikes.
The Canadians know what bikers need and have designed a trail missile to meet the changing
requirements of the market. Technical details such as the maintenance-friendly and stiff
Pipelock bearing system, the adaptive Ride9 rear suspension technology, and the aggressive
performance really won us over. The resulting ride characteristics are on a new level in the XC
sector: no other bike achieves a better symbiosis of maximum efficiency and aggressive trail
performance for all-round race course fun or just riding on your home trails. The timeless design
and beautiful carbon-fibre frame make the bike a true classic. We are absolutely enthralled!


Price: 6,500 $ | Weight: 12.05 kg | Suspension Travel: 130/120 mm | Sizes: XS-XL

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