The 2012 enduro racing season is done and dusted. The industry, organizers, and riders are working hard to get sponsorships, races, and agreements set up. Who is going where and riding what? What are the “must-attend“ races?

The whole bike industry is very excited about 2013, enduro and enduro racing. Nearly every famous brand is setting up an enduro world racing team. This is why it is evident that there has to be an enduro world series next year! And yes, there will be!

“Enduro has become a very serious business – there are brands out there investing millions of dollars in this sector“ said Enrico Guala. “The potential of enduro is huge – it’s on the best way to become the most important market for high-end mountainbikes within the whole bicycle industry.“

Chris Ball announced a UCI Enduro World Cup for 2013; as it became clear that the UCI wouldn’t be involved in 2013, he decided to leave the UCI. Then a small group of ” insiders“ centered around Enrico Guala, Franco Monchiero (both organizers of the SuperEnduro in Italy), and Chris Ball worked hard on putting a world series together in cooperation with other organizers all over the world.

As Chris Ball, during his time at the UCI, had already prepared a calendar for 2013, it’s left no doubt that some of these venues will be part of the series: Lake Garda Festival (Italy), Canadian Open Enduro in Whistler, SuperEnduro Finale Ligure (Italy), Trestle Enduro in Winter Park (Colorado, USA). Without any doubt, there will be a venue in France as well. Furthermore, the gossip says that UK and Spain could host venues as well.

Just released: The Canadian bike manufacturer Norco launches a World Enduro Team consisting of four Swiss racers: Ludo May, Lukas Anrig, as well as Michael Schärer and Lorraine Truong (who raced XC before). The Norco World Enduro Team will race on the Sight KillerB and RangeB.

Canyon will keep German riders Ines Thoma and Marco Bühler on their team, and their famous front man will be (future ex-Orange rider) Joe Barnes from Fort William (UK).

Specialized is supposed to come up with a global enduro racing team as well. Without any doubt, we will see Curtis Keene, a long-time team member from Santa Monica (California, USA), racing a lot more often in Europe. There will probably be one racer from Switzerland, but we don’t have an official statement from Specialized at the moment.

Racing & riding together next year: German riders Max Schumann and Steffie Teltscher will race for Carver Bikes and ION bike wear.

Ralph at the Specialized Enduro Series in Kirchberg in Tirol. Photo: Tom Bause.

XCE World Champion and Meridateam rider Ralph Näf won’t switch to enduro racing in 2013, but with BMC he has found a new team that will allow him to attend enduro races in between the XC World Cup. Nevertheless BMC might have two pro enduro riders. Update: They are Flo Golay and François Bailly Maitre

Contrary to expectations, Jerome Clementz will stay at Cannondale and Rémy Absalon at Commencal.

With six top-level riders, the Cube Action Team was probably the biggest and most professional team in 2012. For 2013, gossip says that they might acquire a UK rider. Their helmets are supposed to be purple next year – guess why? No energy drink, but even sweeter…

As Julien Absalon will ride for BMC in 2013, Spanish manufacturer Orbea moves on and reorientates its racing team to enduro racing; Still no names, but they will ride the Orbea Rallon bike.

There is still a lot of space for rumors and some changes, but the signs are evident: 2013 will be the year of ENDURO! And don’t forget:

Text: Robin Schmitt

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