Imagine riding intense, long-distance stage races at over 5300m (17388 feet). Surreal scenery, pushing yourself physically and mentally along with 150 other racers… That’s exactly what the Himalayan Highest Mtb Race will offer in 2015! Here are some details and photos:


Attending this event is not simply signing up to a race, it means participating to a legendary challenge
that goes beyond the simple athletic result, it’s also being aware that you have lived a incredible and unique
experience either for fun or as a real challenge.

Camping at 4600m!
Camping at 4600m!

The event is made possible thanks to the patronage and complete support of the local institutions and
authorities and also thanks to the strong relationship formed with Ladakah’s (India) support structure.
Wheels Without Borders is happy to inform that the race will take place between the 2nd and the 11th of July

This race will make you feel small!
This race will make you feel small!

The Himalayan Highest MTB Race (HHMR) will cover more than 500 km, all in the Himalayan Mountains. Besides cycling on roads among the highest in the world, cyclists will also have access to a unique landscape, which will contribute to make this experience unforgettable. In stage races, cyclists are usually focusing on high speed and competition, without paying too much attention to the natural beauty of their surroundings. However, the high altitudes at which the HHMR takes place will significantly slow down even the most experienced cyclists, offering in return the opportunity to admire breath-taking sceneries whilst still competing.


Second Stage: Tsho Kar Lake – Chumatang

The HHMR also provides the opportunity to bike across areas in Ladakh which are usually not included into touristic itineraries. During the second stage, the participants will cycle throughout a national park which includes protected species, the Tsho Kar lake. The lake’s shores are a unique environment, which must be maintained and protected. Thanks to a special transit permit, all participants and organisers of the HHMR will have access to the national park, and will be responsible to respect the natural environment throughout the stage. In return, participants will carry with them the unforgettable memory of these beautiful and unspoilt sceneries.

The stages are grueling but rewarding!
The stages are grueling but rewarding!

The real event IN the event is the first SKY IS THE LIMIT TROPHY 2015.
The winner of the prize will be the first to reach the top of Khardung La pass (5.602 m.s.l.), the world’s
highest pass open to vehicles.


The participants of the HIMALAYAN HIGHEST MTB RACE Ladakh 2015 will be living a unique
experience, that will imprint in their lives. Both experiences riders and amateurs will be able to appreciate
the exotic and fascinating track, gaining new motivations and trying to go beyond one’s limits.

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Words & Photos: Wheels Without Borders PR

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