The Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival is a first of its kind mountain bike festival in India,
where mountain bikers from all around the world ride and party together for 1 week in the summer holiday season of
the beautiful Himalayan state “Manali”. This festival will consist of 2 epic mountain bike races and other adventure


Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival and the related races are organized by Himalayan Mountain Bike Network which is
managed by passionate and experienced riders who offers exceptional quality mountain bike camps, MTB races
throughout the year, bike trails and park management solutions and various events revolved around our sport. By
sharing this passion for mountain biking Himalayan Mountain Bike Network strives to provide the best riding experience
one can get in the Himalayas.

Event Dates: 16th to 19th July 2015.

Expected participation: (all figures in apprx value)
130 riders (National and International)
50 officials and volunteers.
20 media representatives.
10,000 people audience per day (Local + Tourists)

Ski Himalayas - Himachal DH Trophy Venue
Ski Himalayas – Himachal DH Trophy Venue


(1) Manali: is a beautiful Himalayan town at an altitude of 2,050 m (6,726 ft) in the Beas River Valley is a
hill station nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley.
Manali with a population of approx. 30,000 is administratively a part of the famous Kullu district.

(2) Solang Valley: which is also known as the adventure hub of Himachal Pradesh as it offers various
adventure sports in the region like paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, trekking etc including mountain
biking. Solang is located just 12Km from Manali at an altitude of 2,560 m (8400 ft).


Himalayan Trails n Dust Mountain Bike Challenge
| XC / Endurance Race – Competitive | 16th July 2015.

Epic scenery all the time.
Epic scenery all the time.

The trails of Manali and surrounding beautiful villages lends itself to many styles of mountain biking, and is accessible to riders of all
skill levels, so we decided to introduce the Summer version of the ‘Himalayan Trails n Dust MTB Challenge’ the most wanted
mountain bike race of Manali.

Himalayan Trails n Dust Mountain Bike Challenge is being organized since last 6 years in Manali. 2015 version will be apprx 50 Km
long packed with technical single tracks, long climbs and wicked descents.

Local Trail Riding Session
| Trail Riding – Non Competitive | 17th July 2015.

Participants and volunteers at Ski Himalayas Ropeway and Ski Centre
Participants and volunteers at Ski Himalayas Ropeway and Ski Centre

Check out the kind of trails (forest and urban) are located in Manali with us on this chill out day. All the riders look forward for this
trail riding session which also helps them adapt to the wicked terrain and get to know each other better. This day is more or less like
party on 2 wheels. 2014 saw the biggest group trail ride ever. Post ride beer party makes it even better!

Himachal Downhill Mountain Bike Trophy
| DH Race – Competitive | 18th & 19th July 2015.

Guido Tschugg and Andi Wittmann in Solang Valley 2013
Guido Tschugg and Andi Wittmann in Solang Valley 2013

Second downhill mountain bike race in this region will be held in Solang Valley (12Km away from Manali). The trails of Solang Valley
offer a perfect venue for this challenging gravity assisted mountain bike race. Himachal Downhill Mountain Bike Trophy will be
organized in Ski Himalayas – Solang Ropeway and Ski Centre which is equipped with latest state of the art ropeway built by Poma of
France. Solang Valley is also famous for numerous adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, ATV riding and more.

Approximately 30 downhill mountain bikers from India, Nepal and United Kingdom will be competing in Expert and Amateur category. These
riders will shuttle their bikes to Mt. Phatru at an elevation of 3200m and will race against the clock with the help of gravity and
brilliant riding skills on the 2Km long and steep ski slope. The super steep race course is full of features like rocks, roots, drops and

Indian freeride legend Vinay Menon during Himachal DH
Indian freeride legend Vinay Menon during Himachal DH

Famous mountain bikers like Andi Wittmann and Guido Tschugg have also ridden on this famous ski resort of India in 2013.
The Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival is packed with quality mountain bike races, post ride parties, local trail riding sessions + many
other fun and adventure activities. These environment friendly sport activities will keep the participants and general audience
entertained and make them aware about the sport of mountain biking at the same time.

Post ride gathering
Post ride gathering

For more information on accommodation, transport and how to reach Manali:

Words & Photos: Himalayan Mountain Bike Network

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