CHOCOLATE BUNNY PRODUCTIONS in conjunction with the National Forest Service – San Isabel District – Salida, Colorado are both proud and excited to announce a new competitive mountain bike event. The Monarch Crest Enduro. A five stage race off of the continental divide with 14,00o feet of timed descending.

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The event is scheduled for October 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2015 The stages are timed runs down Starvation Creek Trail, Silver Creek Trail, Canyon Creek Trail, Greens Creek Trail and South Fooses Creek Trail. Information and sponsorship opportunities of this event can be found at:

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The Monarch Crest Enduro (MCE) is a BACK COUNTRY ENDURO in 5 stages with 14,000 feet of timed descending. All five stages start above 10,200 feet, with stage three starting at 12.600 feet. These are BIG TIME back country stages and being prepared is of the utmost importance. The courses are very remote and you may need to fix either your bike or your body to complete the stages. Even though medical support is provided, you could be as far as an hour from getting medical help. (THIS IS NOT A SKI AREA ENDURO) Complete bike repair kits are highly recommended. Below are the events for each stage.

Be prepared for very remote courses!
Be prepared for very remote courses!

Stages 1 & 2, Friday – will be Starvation Creek in the morning and Silver Creek in the afternoon. You will be shuttled to Marshal Pass and ride about a mile to the start of stage 1 at Starvation Creek trail head. There is a 8.5 mile self transfer between the two stages with approximately 1000 feet of climbing to Silver creek. We will gather at The Rivers Edge Restaurant after the day’s stages for beer, food and live music.

Stage 3, Saturday, will start up on Canyon Creek trail (west side of Monarch Pass). We will shuttle racers to the Snow Blind Camp ground on F.S. road # 888 (Temachi Creek Road). From there, racers will transfer themselves to the top of Granite Mountain (12,500 feet). This transfer is approximately 2 hours, an hour ride and then an hour hike a bike. At the end of the day’s race, we’re back at the River’s Edge Restaurant for beer, food and live music.

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Stages 4 & 5, Sunday – will start with Greens Creek in the morning and South Fooses in the afternoon. You will be shuttled to the top of Monarch Pass and then transfer yourself to the start of Greens creek for your race stage. You will then be shuttled back up to the top of Monarch Pass again and transfer yourself to the top of South Fooses for stage 2. We will gather back in Salida at The River’s Edge Restaurant for Awards and beers.

Words: Chocolate Bunny Productions Photos: Daniel Dunn

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