Russian Enduro Series is a new project which was made by the organizers of single enduro races in Russia. We teamed up together to develop this sport in our country. Every one of us brings uniqueness and originality, and together we have made Enduro what it is today! This is the first big enduro project in Russia. We will be happy to see participants from all corners of the world.

2015 Dates:

  1. Krasnodar La Endura -01-04 May
  2. Alushta Super D – 09-10 May
  3. Moscow, Chulkovo Velogearance Cup – 23 May
  4. Saint-Petersburg Igora Bike Weekend – 05-07 June
  5. Petrozavodsk YalgoraRace – 24-26 July
  6. Nizhny Novgorod Raspberry Enduro – 29-30 August
  7. Alushta Super D – 09-10 November

I Stage: Krasnodar La Endura (1-4 of May)

La Endura is a race which was held since 2009 at the Sober Bash Hill. At the beginning it was a kind of adventure cross-country race, but now it is a sterling enduro event with a hundreds of participants.
La Endura 2015 will be held in two days and we will try to make it more interesting and attractive, tracks will be harder and prizes will be better! We are waiting for 10 usual stages, night stage and prolog at this event.
In 2014 it was around 200 riders at this race.


2 Stage: Alushta Super D (spring stage 09-10 of May)

Alushta Cup was created in 2001 by local and moscow riders. It was a fun series of the downhill and enduro races. After some years this races got international level. Now a lot of people from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Lithuania come to the race in Alushta. Perfect trails, awesome views, amazing mountains and warm sea – are the visiting card of Alushta Cup!
This stage will include one long SuperD stage and some normal enduro stages. For Super D stage it will be held special award ceremony.


3 Stage: Velogearance Cup (23 of May)

Some short dinamic stages at the legendary tracks in Chulkovo will check your endurance and power. Chulkovo is an amazing spot close to the capital of Russia, Moscow city. There you will meet really strong competitors from elite of Russian cross-country!

Igora Bike Weekend 2014

4 Stage: Igora Bike Weekend (05-07 of June)

Every year “Igora” ski resort take a downhill and cross-country races at the famous bike festivals in the midst of the white nights in Saint-Petersburg! In 2015 Igora Bike Weekend will be hold in the new Enduro format. There you will not meet great mountains, just hills, but some interesting stages, double chairs lift and a lot of interesting activity from the organizers and sponsors will wait you there. Check the hospitality of the North-West part of Russia!


5 Stage: YalgoraRace (24-26 of July)


This is true Karelian Enduro! Race will be held on the scenic shores of Onega Lake, close to Petrozavodsk city, on a hill with a 100 metre elevation drop. Five tracks await the competitors, chair lift, tent camp, lake swimming and real authentic northern nature awaits everyone!

6 Stage: Rasberry Enduro (29-30 of August)

The race will be held in the beautiful Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod on the slope called “Raspberry ridge”, where the name of the race “Raspberry Enduro” comes from. Trails, though not very long will not keep you seated even for a minute. Year after year stages become more and more interesting and more technically challenging. Their number is constantly increasing. Now we have about 5 kilometres of trails with approximate elevation decreases of 800 meters and elevation increases of 160 m.


7 Stage: Alusta Super D (final stage 06-08 of November)

It will be the second part of the 2nd stage of our series in the same place but at another trails. And of course, there will be final afterparty and general award ceremony of the series!

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Words & Photos: Russian Enduro Series

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