The Sea Otter Classic is known for the releases of sensational new products. This year the 27.5+ topic is the dominating trend and has some exciting new products in store. The new Marzocchi 350+ fork, which enables the usage of plus-size tyres as it features the boost hub standard. It should hit the aftermarket at the end of the year. We had the opportunity to get a first glance of the product at the Sea Otter Classic – take a look!

Bella Italia - Marzocchi's neue 350+ Gabel in MDE Bikes Prototyp mit FRM Parts.
Bella Italia – Marzocchi’s new 350+ fork in a MDE Bikes prototype with FRM parts and fat 2.8″ tyres.


  • 650B Enduro-Fork
  • 160mm Travel (140mm via Spacer)
  • CR (Compression- and Rebound Adjustment)
  • AER Air Chamber System
  • Air Preload and Negative Spring
  • Tapered Headtube
  • 35mm Aluminium-Stanchions with Gold Race Coating
  • 6“ Post Mount (max. 203mm)
  • QR15 axle
  • Colour: Flat black
Gut zu erkennen: Die FRM Boost Narbe.
Easily recognizable: The FRM Boost hub.

CR (Compression & Rebound)

The CR cartridge offers, according to Marzocchi, more than the majority of riders will need, with an externally adjustable rebound and low speed compression damping system, the suspension can be adapted to each riding style and every terrain. If that’s not enough, you can also tune the high speed compression with a custom Shimstack and adjust the damping completely to your own needs.

27.5+: Großes Volumen, runder Aufbau und flaches Profil.
27.5+: Big volume, round shape and a flat profile.

EspressoShot Coating

The Espresso Shot Coating from Marzocchi is a hard-anodized coating with Teflon coating which should provide a smooth response and should improve the durability of moving parts such as stanchion surface, seals and bushings.

Heiß und fett: Marzocchi's Gold Race Coating und 27.5+ Bereifung.
Looking good: Marzocchi’s signature Espresso Coating and 27.5+ wheels.

DBC (Dynamic Bleed Cartridge)

The Dynamic Bleed cartridge (according to Marzocchi) offers most efficient damping system on the market which combines the advantages of the most popular systems, both open and closed oil bath cartridge. It is a hybrid system, the DBC cartridge is a low pressure system with a spring-biased reservoir. The oil flows through two different cycles, allowing for extreme applications. Oil is allowed to move out of the cartridge, cool then be drawn through a one-way valve back into the cartridge.

At the same time the mixing of the oil with air is prevented, ensuring that lubrication of the stanchions is always good and the damping should be very effective and uniform even in the roughest terrain.

Italiens ganzer Stolz hat einen Namen: Marzocchi.
The Italians pride and joy: Marzocchi.

At first glance the new Marzocchi 350+ is already really interesting. We are looking forward to the further development of the 27.5+ sector and are curious which suspension manufacturer will be the next one to release a 27.5+ specific fork – stay tuned!

Words: Christoph Bayer / Press release Marzocchi / Laurenz Utech Photos: Robin Schmitt

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