Given the influx of 27.5+ bikes, Manitou have presented their newly developed forks, especially created for this plus-size tyre. Fitted with the new Boost 110 axle standard and a high-tech cartridge damper, they offer between travel of between 80mm and 120mm (29+) or 140mm (27.5+).

Die Manitou Magnum Pro wurde über ein Jahr lang für extrabreite Reifen entwickelt.
Over the past year the purpose-built Manitou Magnum Pro has been in development for these wider tyre widths.

The purpose-built Magnum Pro forks have been in development for over a year to create specific forks for 27.5+ and 29+ wheel sizes. To accommodate the wider rims and tyres, the new Boost 110 standard (measuring 110x15mm) has been employed. The rigidity of the wheels is increased too, thanks to the favourable angles of the spokes, placed symmetrically on the wide rims to the wider hub. Moreover, there’s ample clearance around the fork arch to accommodate tyres with a width of up to 3.4″. The axle offsets have been tuned for the plus-size generation too: 27.5+ comes with 48mm offset, 29+ with 51mm. More on the new Boost 148 standard can be read in this article.

Bei der Magnum kommt der neue Boost110-Standard zum Einsatz.
The Magnum makes use of the new Boost 110 standard.
An Einstellmöglichkeiten mangelt es der Gabel nicht.
The fork has sufficient settings to play around with.

The forks come with Manitou’s striking reverse arch bridge, which reduces weight. For the suspension, it’s the distinguished Dorado Air System with TPC+ damping. With the IVA (Interval Volume Adjust), the size of the air chamber can easily be adjusted by moving the seal head up and down, while the MC² (Multi Control Compression System) enables separate fine-tuning of the high-speed and low-speed compression damping as well as a platform threshold that you can set. If you were to risk bottoming-out, the Hydraulic Bottom Out (HBO) unit does it utmost to prevent this by drastically slowing compression at the end of the travel.

Die Gabel ist vollgestopft mit Hightech.
The internal cartridges have been especially developed to deal with the characteristics of plus-size tyres.
Das Federungssystem wurde von der bekannten Dorado übernommen.
The common Dorado system takes care of travel.

Admittedly, while the forks are making use of already prevalent suspension and damping systems, these have undergone vital alternations to render them suitable for plus-sizes. As plus-sizes mean more unsprung weight and bigger tyres that absorb more impacts, the bumps are already soaked up to a certain extent by the time they reach the forks. According to Manitou, they’ve accounted for this behavioural spring change so that the forks work optimally with 3.0″-width tyres.

Die gesamte Gabel ist für extrabreite Reifen entwickelt - und bietet entsprechend Platz.
The forks have been specially designed and constructed for plus-size tyres – and the proof is in the clearance.
Die gut bedienbare Steckachse nimmt Naben mit den Maßen 15x110 mm auf.
The easy-to-service through axle takes hubs measuring 15×110 mm.

These Pro model forks are exclusively available on the aftermarket, but manufacturers can spec their bikes with a simpler COMP version. The COMP model employs slightly more basic travel and damping, which makes these forks a great and more affordable choice. The Manitou Magnum Pro have a RRP of 905 €.

Words: Martin Stöckl | Photos: Robin Schmitt

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