At the Sea Otter Festival the tyre manufacturer previously known as Geax presented a newly developed model called the Morsa which is aimed squarely at Enduro riders and comes up with some interesting new features.

Vittoria präsentierte mit dem Morsa einen neuen Reifen für den Enduroeinsatz.
With the Morsa Vittoria presents a brand new tyre for Enduro use.

The new tyre is equipped with trapeze shaped mid-knobs which are angled on one side – this should offer good braking traction with low rolling resistance. Between these and the confidence inspiring side-knobs a channel has been consciously left free in order to allow the tyre to shed mud. As the looks already indicate the tyre is an intermediate model which should deal well with damp conditions and loose trail surfaces.

Durch das offenen Profil sollte der Reifen über eine gute Selbstreinigung verfügen.
The open tread pattern should ensure the tyre sheds mud automatically.

Vittoria will offer the Morsa in a 4C-compound whereby every tyre compound will be mixed with graphene. hinzugefügt werden soll. Vittoria were keeping exact details and the effects of the additional graphene material close to their chest but it should noticeably decrease rolling resistance and increase durability. The sidewalls of the tyre have been reinforced with so-called Anti Pinch Flat technology which aims to help prevent the tyre flattening on the rim and the associated puncturing.

Die Reifenflanke mit Anti Pinch Flat-Technologie
The side walls with Anti Pinch Flat-Technology.

The Morsa should be available in 2.3″ and 2.5″ widths for 26″, 27.5″ and 29″-tyres and weigh around 800 g in the 27.5″-variant.

Words: Martin Stöckl Photos: Robin Schmitt

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