Having already outlined the technicalities of the Continental Baron 2.4 Projekt tyres direct from EUROBIKE, we’ve now had the opportunity to get them out on the trails, putting the tyres through their paces in a mass of different conditions and terrains. Here’s where to find out how they performed.

Der Continental Baron Projekt-Reifen kostet stolze 79,99 €. Ob er diesem Preis gerecht wird? Hier erfahrt ihr es!
The Continental Baron Projekt tyres cost a hefty 79.99 €, but what’s the verdict on their value for money? Keep reading to find out.

On paper

Widely spread lugs on the Baron Projekt tyres are set to generate masses of grip and prevent the tyres from clogging up on loamy ground. According to Continental, this state of affairs renders the Baron Projekt the ideal choice for virtually any condition, naturally aided by the generous 2.4″ width. Yet despite these features, the rolling resistance is reputed to be minimal, promising that the tyre can be used on both the front and back wheels. Including the tried and tested Apex carcass, the tyre weighs in at 985 g (27.5″). Conti’s favoured Black Chili rubber compound promises a long life and maximum grip too.

Tubeless einfach gemacht: Die schlauchlose Montage stellte auch ohne Kompressor kein Problem dar!
Tubeless made simple: Even without a compressor, it’s easy to mount a tubeless tyre!

On the trail

Even without a compressor, it’s easy to mount this tubeless tyre onto the Mavic Crossmax XL rims on the test bike. The tyre willingly seats on the rim and keeps the air after just a few seconds of shaking and turning to distribute the sealant. Hands up: we were surprised too! Earlier experiences had shown us that mounting tubeless Continental tyres wasn’t always going to be a piece of cake, but the Baron Projekt appears to have thrown that theory out the window.

Der Reifen rollt überraschend gut, weshalb wir ihn bei nassen Bedingungen sowohl vorne als auch am Hinterrad montiert haben.
As the tyres rolled pretty well in wet conditions we mounted them both front and back.
Auch bei den widrigsten Bedingungen bietet der Reifen ausreichend Grip und Traktion.
Even in the most unfavourable conditions the tyres offered tons of grip and traction.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seized every opportunity to trial the Baron Projekt tyres. And come rain or shine, they’re shown their worth. The toughest test we put them through was at the European Enduro Series race in Paganella, Italy, where the weather had its own agenda, leaving the course at its greasiest. While many riders opted for mud tyres, we plugged away with the Baron Projekt – after all, the open profile and generous lugs should mean the tyres don’t clog up and continue to offer decent grip. We weren’t disappointed, tracing the cause of our distinct lack of crashes on the filthy wet ground back to the traction the Baron Projekt delivered, as the tyres lived up to our expectations of not clogging despite the loamy ground. Incidentally, other models suffered this issue earlier on in the day.

Back in unseasonably sunny Stuttgart, our after-work rides served as the ideal conditions to trial the tyres on dry, hard and loose ground. Even under these circumstances, the Barons knew how to deliver the grip. Smashing through a berm at the last moment? Not an issue. On hard ground in particular, we’re often faced with more grip than we actually need, resulting in a higher rolling resistance. However, the combination of a Baron Projekt at the front and a Continental Trail King at the rear proved unbeatable in terms of sufficient grip and great rolling.

Auf trockenen Böden ist der Baron Projekt der ideale Vorderreifen!
The Baron Project: the ideal front tyre in dry conditions!

Gravel bends proved a match for the Baron Projekt, seeing it loose traction more easily than a MAXXIS Highroller II, for example. This is a prime example of the limits to the open profile, while it does also noticeably decrease rolling resistance. We don’t have any lab stats to consult, but our experiences on the trail hint at similarities with a MAXXIS Minion DHF. The tyre’s real limit is reached late, but once it’s reached – that’s it. Drifting with both wheels isn’t easy to do when using the Baron Projekt tyres, and while the stable Apex sidewalls on the Continental Tyres don’t offer the best in-built damping, it’s still reasonable.

Die Verschleißgrenze liegt weit über den gefahrenen 250 km. Bisher zeigen sich kaum Abnutzungsspuren.
Having ridden 250 km so far, the tyres barely show any sign of use.

In terms of how quickly they’ll wear out, all we can say is that they’re still going strong after 250 kilometres, which can only be a good thing. While the front tyre shows virtually no signs of wear and tear, the rear displays a few minor battle scars from the brakes. Unlike many of its competitors, the Baron Projekt tyres haven’t suffered any rips in the side lugs even after numerous descents. Fitted tubeless, these tyres haven’t had any flats throughout the entire testing process, and the Apex carcass works on solidly.

Bestätigt: Als Allrounder kann der Baron Projekt voll überzeugen!
Confirmed: the Baron Projekt have fully convinced us of their all-round prowess!


If you’re after a tyre that can offer sufficient grip on virtually any imaginable terrain then the Continental Baron Projekt should be the tyre you grab. Although with an individual price tag of 79.99 €, you’ll be grabbing deep into your pocket. The addition of its clever and innovative packaging that can be ‘recycled’ as a mudguard must offer a bit of consolation to the price. And by the way, don’t agonise too hard over the decision – each dealer will initially have a limited supply of 10 of each piece.

Wheel sizes: 26″, 27,5″ and 29″
Weight: 985 g (27,5″)
Features: Tubeless Ready, Apex carcass, Black Chili rubber compound
Price: 79.99 € including Rie:sel Design mud guard packaging

More information: continental-reifen.de/baron-projekt

Words: Daniel Schlicke Photos: Ross Bell

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