Tito, Fabien and friends recently went on a mid-winter trip to Trans-Verdon, France to enjoy some off-season sports. Of course, that still means mountain biking for these guys. Here is the trip in the perspective of each of them and Fred Glo.

It’s been a while since we wanted to link up for a trip, over a week-end. two of our most exemplary Urge BP ambassadors: Fabien Barel, the indestructible and insatiable competitor, and Tito Tomasi, the purist adventurer and artist, were both very enthusiast about the idea.
 The initial program was to combine a nice trip in the higher part of the Trans-Verdon (Provence, France), to mix in backcountry ski/snowboard and mountain bike and most importantly to spend a incredible moment together and sharing this exceptional scenery.

It seems that winter had not quite hit this area.
The Alps are enjoyable no matter what, it just took some improvisation:

The climate being capricious, snow is pretty rare for the start of the season in the Southern Alps.
 We’ve decided then to swap skis and snowboards for stand-up paddle boards.
 A few unique single-tracks and alpine variants of the classic TransVerdon itinerary for the first day, then it’s off to the superb environment of the lower Verdon canyon.


The SUP boards would allow Fabien and Tito, soon joined by couple of friends, to make the most of this calm and wild nature.
This nature being the rallying sign, the anchor point, bringing landmarks and finally being the point in common of our two friends.


2015 couldn’t start better, it’s at least what this enchanted interlude could make us hope for.
 The Supatrail, born on super trails, super countries, countries of freedom.
 Like Tito says, Vive la vie.

– Fred Glo / South Shore Bicycles co owner

Classic Fabien Barel style
Classic Fabien Barel style…

Fabien Barel

December is always a fantastic season in the south of France to ride. Offseason as well for me, where plans are calm and a great opportunity to get back to basics. Riding, Nature, Friends are the base of my riding motivation. With the URGE Crew, we decided to organise a weekend in the Verdon to enjoy different disciplines, simply enjoy the moments.

The weather couldn't have been better!
The weather couldn’t have been better!
fabien-barel-tito-tomasi-7 fabien-barel-tito-tomasi-4

I always like to share time with Tito as he is one of the best ambassadors to represent the roots of URGE and roots of philosophy. He simply likes to ride, likes to discover new places, new countries with his bike. Always on his own during his trips, he can tell you stories like no one else and sharing time with him is always very refreshing. During that weekend, the nature, the light had been smiling to us and, as a bunch of friends, we have been smiling back … Thanks for those type of moments !

– Fabien

The sunset light brings the alpine scenery to life, making colours supernatural and providing a beautiful end to the day.

Tito Tomasi

Every season is different and unique, I really like winter because depending in the weather you have to adapt. But when it’s go it’s very good! Nice scenery with the snow, beautiful light, winter is always surprising. With Urge we are also talking about a new trip, we want to show our personal point of view of nature.

Two legends just living the dream…

The idea of a winter had many forms but finally we ended crossing the Verdon range, the team was all about the same spirit and we all wanted to make the most of the winter solstice. Riding with Fabien is always a honor, he is a master and a source of inspiration. It was awesome to share one day on the bike in the heights and than one day on the water in the gorges! I hope we will have more of this.

Vive la vie!

– Tito


Photos: Greg Germain / G2 vision

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