More than 10.000 readers took part in our 2014 reader survey over a 40-day period. A single person working 24/7 would have needed 180 days just to generate the masses of answers. So we’ll start by saying thanks for the comprehensive feedback you gave us. Along with numerous smaller goodies those participating had the chance to win the main prize: a Canyon Spectral in the exclusive Team finish.

Niko, der strahlende Sieger in der Mitte. Links ?-Manager Daniel und Robin Schmitt, Chefredakteur des Enduro Mountainbike Magazins.
Christian, the beaming winner in the middle. On the left Product Manager Daniel and on the right ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine Editor-in-chief, Robin Schmitt.

Our pretty lady luck pulled out the winning ticket back in September (all winners have already been informed) and Christian G from South Tyrol was declared the big winner. Last Friday the official hand-over took place at Canyon’s Koblenz headquarters. In addition Christian was given a full factory tour and individual suspension set-up in order to take the brand new bike on its first outing with Product Manager Daniel and ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine Editor-in-chief, Robin Schmitt on the local trails.

Nach (?) Stunden im Zug und trotzdem ein Lachen im Gesicht: So kann nur der Gewinner der Leserumfrage bei der Ankunft in Koblenz aussehen.
Even the long train ride couldn’t wipe the grin off the happy student’s face.

Last Friday it was finally time: after informing Christian of his big win in at the start of September he could finally get his hands on the bike.

Um die Spannung zu erhöhen, gab es vor der Bike-Übergabe noch eine Führung durch das Canyon-Werk. Aber die interessanten Informationen lassen Niko das Bike sogar für kurze Zeit vergessen.
Before the handover Christian was given a full tour of the Canyon factory including checking out the quality control where carbon fibre components are checked by CAT scan – pretty impressive.
 Wie läuft die Logistik bei Canyon ab? ?-Manager Daniel gibt EInblicke in die Produktionabläufe.
How do the logistics work at canyon? Product Manager Daniel gives us a glimpse into the production processes.
So muss ein glücklicher Gewinner Aussehen!
That’s what a winner looks like! Christian said it himself – the night after being informed of his luck he could hardly sleep – he’s never won any prizes up until now!
Ist das Cockpit richtig eingestellt? Die ersten Meter auf dem neuen Bike noch in der Montagehalle.
The first meters on the new bike are in the workshop…
Vor der ersten Ausfahrt auf dem neuen Geschoss werden Cockpit und Fahrwerk professionell eingestellt.
Before the first ride on the new missile the cockpit and suspension are professionally set up.
Daniel erklärt Niko die Rafinessen des Fox CTD-Systems, welches sich an dem gewonnenem Spectral in der Teamausführung befindet.
Daniel explains Christian the subtleties of the Fox CTD-system, which can be found on the Spectral in the Team Edition.
50 Prozent SAG sind doch zu viel des guten und so wird das Fahrwerk perfekt auf Niko eingestellt.
Dressed in full riding gear the suspension is set-up to Christian’s weight.
Niko war von den Fahreigenschaften des Canyon Spectral in der Teamausführung begeistert.
Fully concentrated aboard the bike. The handling blew Christian away. His initial doubt, whether a large frame would fit his 176cm height quickly vanished into thin air. Instead of lively and playful the large size is stable, smooth and feels super secure at high trail speeds.
Im Train über die Koblenzer Trails
Biker train on the Koblenz trails
...bis es dann endlich auf die Trails ging. Bei der ersten Ausfahrt steckte Niko alle mit seiner Freude über das gewonnen Bike an.
A quick breather above the River Mosel
Laufen lassen hieß die Devise mit dem neuen Geschoss.
Let it roll is the new bike’s motto
Die erste Ausfahrt mit dem Gewinnerbike wurde mit einem High Five und vor allem einem strahlenden Gesicht beendet.
A high five after the first ride…
Nach der ersten Ausfahrt wird mit einem After-Ride Beer nochmals auf den Gewinner angestoßen. Prost!
… and a cold afterride-beer. Cheers!
Ein großes Dankeschön an Product Manager Daniel Oster von Canyon für den geilen Tag!
A big thanks to Canyon Product Manager Daniel Oster for a great day!
So sehen Sieger aus! Christian G. und sein neues Racebike.
Winners look like this! Christian G. and his new race bike.

The winners of the other bikes and products will be published shortly. All potential winners have already been informed, but a few haven’t answered our emails yet! After our reply deadline has elapsed we will, as per the competition conditions complete another draw for the remaining prizes. That’s the reason why we haven’t been able to publish a full winners list yet. Stay tuned and check your email boxes and SPAM folders!

Words: Robin Schmitt & Klaus Kneist Pictures: Klaus Kneist

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