The single-ply 3C Maxx Terra is the lightweight trail version of the popular DH mid-spike design. Weighing in at 865g, it’s targeted at the trail rider. UK Editor Trev found that the simple open tread pattern is awesome at shedding mud and has a tenacious bite into loamy or muddy trails.

Der Maxxis Shorty ist nicht nur als Matschreifen zu gebrauchen.
The MAXXIS Shorty is not only usable for muddy conditions.

As they work well in most conditions, Trev has favoured them as a great winter/spring all-rounder, but where they really shine is in loose surfaces such as mud, loam, or the elusive dust. Braking traction is fierce in all conditions, and rolling speed is very good for a tire aimed at poor conditions. The 3C rubber sticks like shit to a blanket on dry rock, and handled as well as any other tire on wet roots and slime. On hardpack trails they do drag and lack the defined handling of a good AM tire, but did not suffer the squirm and poor tracking of a ‘full on’ mud tyre.

Das offene, aggressive Profil bietet guten Grip. Zum Driften fast zu viel.
The aggressive thread pattern provides good grip. Almost too much for drifting.

Trev found them too grippy for front and back, so ran a MAXXIS Minion DHR II on the rear for a more ‘grip and slide’ feeling through the tight Tweed Valley switchbacks. The only downside has been the single-ply sidewall, which tore on rocks at around 200 km. Accidents do happen, however, and it was quickly replaced with another Shorty.

EDIT: We tested a very early generation of the MAXXIS Shorty without the EXO sidewall. Maxxis now supply the Shorty with an EXO sidewall which should result in improved durability. We are currently testing the EXO versions and will bring you a full review soon.

Leider entstand nach 200km ein Riss in der Seitenwand.
The sidewall ripped after 200km.

Tester: Trevor
Price: 64.99 €

Time tested: 200 km

Words & Pictures: Trevor Worsey

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