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The new Finale Ligure FOR YOU CARD – Well-maintained trails and great discounts

The legendary biking destination of Finale Ligure has developed a new collaborative trail maintenance concept that everyone can – and should – take part in! Because maintaining and caring for the trails with that many riders is a full-time job. To ensure that everyone has equally good conditions on the trail, the Finale Outdoor Region has come up with the FOR YOU CARD, an innovative concept that could serve as a blueprint for many other bike regions.

The FOR YOU CARD is not just good for you and your wallet, but also for the entire region! It is meant to strengthen the community and ensure that we as mountain bikers can give back to the region and the local trail builders without actively getting involved. The operators have partnered with Fabien Barel to produce a video that showcases not just the finest Ligurian trails but also how the card works.

The FOR YOU CARD costs as little as € 10 for one year, which covers the administrative costs. From then on, you simply present it every time you shop in the region, dine out, stay in a hotel or buy a round of drinks for your biking buddies. For each transaction, participating vendors will donate a small percentage of your bill to the local trail maintenance association. In return, you get discounts, a trail map and most importantly, well-maintained trails, drops and berms! If you’ve already booked your next holiday in Finale Ligure, include the FOR YOU CARD and you can shred the trails without a guilty conscience.

The fact that Finale Ligure and other biker regions have such a well-maintained trail network gets taken for granted all too often. Very few mountain bikers actually see the work that goes into it. Of course, you don’t want to grab a shovel and work on the trail yourself while on holiday. However, supporting them has become a whole lot easier with the FOR YOU CARD, ensuring that the local clubs have enough resources to keep the trails in pristine shape. No dig, no ride could soon become “no FOR YOU CARD, no ride”. So don’t just support your local trail community but all the trails you ride!

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: Finale Outdoor Region