This has been a month of change, but change is always good. As we look out of our windows, the seasons are changing; there is a chill in the air and for sure it takes more motivation to get out and ride, but the trails are still there and ready to be ridden.


Project Unbreakable: Part Two, nobody was expecting that!


Press Release | 2015 NS Snabb Enduro Bike

One rider who never lacks motivation is UK Editor Jim Buchanan, and we check in to find out how he has changed ‘project unbreakable’; a burly bike for a burly guy. Speaking of burly, NS have announced their new enduro bike, the Snabb, bringing hard hitting geometry, components and some fresh colours. If full suspension is not your thing, and you are looking for a new winter workhorse; Production Privee have brought out two sexy new hardtails that mix new school styling with old school fun.


OKA & SHAN – Two new Trail Hardtails from Production Privée

yoga mountain biking-6

Ride Fit | Mountain Biking + Yoga = Power, Agility, Speed for Life

There is also change afoot in the editorial team, it is time to get fit for the coming season, and you can join us along the way. Be sure to keep an eye on our Ride Fit series, a collection of features that will guide you to a fitter, stronger more motivated you. Check out our first article on the benefits that yoga can bring.

Scotland Watermarked-6835

Top 5 | The best places to ride in Scotland


The Big Picture Wander through a land of fire and ice

Sometimes, to truly experience change you have to go somewhere new; and we have some serious inspiration for you. If you want to sample the remote and mysterious Scottish Highlands, check out our Top Five guide to the most beautiful locations to add to your holiday list. If you want to get really remote, check out Huw Olivers epic bike-packing trip over the epic plains and mountains of ‘A Land of Ice and Fire’.

The epic castle that hosted the Design & Innovation award!
The epic castle that hosted the Design & Innovation award!

And what of the future, where are we heading; well on a mountain side in South Tyrol, we brought that future one step closer with the Design & Innovation 2015. Not only did we have some of 2015’s most exciting and innovative products to test, but we also chewed the fat on some of the industry’s most controversial topics. These ‘Breakout Sessions’ are rolling out now; check out thoughts on the new 650b+ wheelsizes, EWS Racebikes and many more.

"Plus" sized tires caused quite a stir.
“Plus” sized tires caused quite a stir.
A proper bike set up for a Scottish winter!
A proper bike set up for a Scottish winter!

But some things do not change, our team have still been out shredding on their test bikes and we have a new bike on the fleet. Elite racer James Knowles is joining the test team and we needed a bike that would appeal to a privateer racer; in the end the choice was easy, a Nukeproof Mega AM 27.5. Check out this bike and all the others on our long term test timeline.

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