Sometimes we don’t have to go far to make big discoveries.
We always try to look as far as our eyes or pocket allow but
often we do not realize that there are great places within
our own borders. For me, this is the case in the area Maestrazgo, a
very interesting place to bike, walk and take in the beautiful surroundings.

What an incredible view!
What an incredible view!

To make all this easier, the guys at Maestrazgo MTB Center have prepared everything that any biker may need
to successfully tackle the trails. The Maestrazgo Shire boasts an enormous and varied natural terrain that consists of mostly fast, open trails.


Much of this land is declared a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Area (SPAs), in addition to four Natural Monuments. The path of GR 8 is a great route running through this area crossing the Sierras
Teruel, an extensive network of trails a relatively short distance away.

Highlights of this landscape include: the Pitarque River, Caves
Crystal Mills, the Natural Bridge Fonseca or Winter Pozo Road are some of the most
prominent, but there are many more old bridges, windmills, chapels, farmhouses, monumental trees, etc.


Furthermore, among the 16 municipalities of the region, 8 are
historical landmarks. Walking the streets you will find
beautiful spots featuring palaces, churches, city walls and gates.
Cobblestone streets, castles, and other elements of capital
architectural and cultural heritage give a glimpse into the turbulent history of our
towns, marked by two important historical periods: the time domain
Templar during the thirteenth century and the Carlist Wars of the nineteenth century.

"You guys need to see this!"
“You guys need to see this!”

When you need to rest, you can choose between different types of
accommodation are there in the region, from 4 star hotels to comfortable
shelters. And you can not leave without sampling the delicious cuisine that
is prepared by combining delicious dishes of traditional recipes, with modern twists and quality food products.

The Maestrazgo Mountain Bike Center is a free-access for mountain biking or hiking,
with a minimum of 100 km of marked routes, mapped according to the degree of
difficulty. There are two access points(Fortanete and Caves Cañart) offering
cycling services and tourist offices with maps and technical material.

Contemplating a route at the Fortanete access point.
Contemplating route options at the Fortanete access point.

Complementary services are available: bike rental, parking, washing points, showers and toilets,
etc. There are several of these stations (Cantavieja, Castellote, The
Iglesuela del Cid, Mirambel Mills) located in tourist offices, which facilitate
user information about routes, tourist lodging and food. The format of this MTB Centre is standard and follows the same parameters as all the other MTB centers in Spain.

10 magical Routes

The ten routes up the mountain bike center Maestrazgo offer
extensive territory and strong contrasts. The great natural attractions
are complemented with a great heritage and cultural richness of
intense human activity throughout its history. These routes,
adapted to different levels of difficulty, invite visitors to
discovery of these values ​​the leisurely pace which allows the use of the
mountain bike.


Find details about the Maestrazgo MTB Centre at: and

Words: David Cachon | Photos: Ismael Ibáñez

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