To further increase the performance of their trailbikes, Trek now uses Formula 1 technologies in their rear shocks: In cooperation with Fox and Formula 1 suspension specialist Penske Racing, Trek have developed a new rear shock technology that was presented today in North Carolina. The new system is called RE:aktiv and could bring Trek’s proven DRCV suspension technology to the next level.

Der neue Fox DRCV RE:AKTIV Dämpfer.
The new Trek RE:aktiv rear shock.

The main idea: The new RE:Aaktiv system detects the shock velocity and adapts the compression damping dynamically – Trek claims, it feels like two different shocks combined in one: firm low-speed compression damping (efficient), fluid high-speed compression damping (plush), and an instant, seamless transition between the two.

In difference to the proven DRCV-system, which is two-chamber air unit, RE:aktiv controls the damping. So you will have both technologies in the same shock working together and complimenting each other.

The behavior of a RE:aktiv shock is fundamentally different than the behavior of normal shocks, which increase damping resistance, the faster the shock compresses.

Während normale Dämpfer eine progressive Kennlinie bieten und geshimmte Dämpfer Dämpfer diese gering gegressiv anpassen, stellt die neue Dämpfung eine extrem degressive Kennlinie mit einer Plattform für noch effizienteres Pedalieren.
The behavior of different types shox, The diagram shows the behavior of various damper types at different impact speeds – the difference is obvious.
Das CTD-Verhalten bleibt bestehen, jedoch bietet die Climb-Einstellung eine deutlich härtere Einstellung. Die Trail-Eistellung ist deutlich Degressiv und die Descend-Einstellung bietet ein sehr schluckfreudiges Setup.
The well-known three-stage CTD system (“Climb, Trail, Descend”) remains, the Climb stage can now be tuned even firmer, without losing the comfort of individual strokes. The Trail & Descent levels are very close, and only at medium blows does the Trail stage shows something firmer.
In Kooperation mit Penske und Fox soll das Trek ein neues Fahrgefühl bieten.
A RE: ACTIVE similar system is already used in Formula 1 sport.

RE:aktiv will rolled out on all Trek trail bikes this year. It’s a technology that works and one we’ll be fully supporting. Much like ABP or DRCV, it will become a new cornerstone technology adding value to Trek’s mountain bikes.

The new Trek Fuel EX 27.5 2015

With 120mm travel, 27.5″ wheels and the new RE:aktiv suspension, the new Fuel EX models claim to set a new standard for trailbikes. A total of five specs will be available this year already.

Das neue Trek Fuel EX 27.5 in der 9.8 genannten Austattungsvariante.
The new Trek Fuel EX 27.5″ 9.8
Die Ausstattungsvarianten des neuen Trek Fuel EX 27.5.
Specs of the different Fuel EX models.

In addition to the new 27.5″ version, the 29″ Fuel model will still be available.

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Text: Aaron Steinke | Bilder: Trek

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