UNNO Bikes is back! With the UNNO BOÖS Race 2022 eMTB, the Barcelona based company is back in full swing: with a new logo, new design language, new pricing policy, new distribution channels and numerous new models that are waiting in the wings. We flew Barcelona to exclusively test the new BOÖS Race!

We can’t tell you anything about all the new analogue models from UNNO yet, but the UNNO BOÖS Race 2022 already gives a preview of things to come from the team around Cesar Rojo in the future. There are also exciting approaches for more sustainability!

UNNO BOÖS | Bosch Smart System/750 Wh | 170/160 mm (f/r)
22.7 kg (size S2) | € 9,995 | Hersteller-Website

You can immediately see that the 22.7 kg UNNO BOÖS is something very special with – or despite – its rather standard Bosch Smart System motor and 750 Wh battery. The Barcelona based bike brand are blazing their own path with the eMTB’s unique look and smart features. Not just that, the € 10,000 BOÖS Race also heralds an entirely new era for UNNO and could set a new trend amongst other bike brands.

Founded in 2016, the Spanish brand have only produced analogue bikes until now, and they did so entirely in Barcelona – from the design to manufacture and the finished builds. All done by hand, of course, as you can read in our detailed company visit from 2016! After things started going a little quiet around UNNO bikes – not least because all previous bikes have sold out – the boutique brand are back at it: with a new logo, new design language, new pricing policy, new distribution channels, and numerous new models that are ready to hit the trails at full speed. The BOÖS Race isn’t just their first eMTB, but also the first bike of their new generation to see the light of day, turning heads with its radical and unique design.

What the new BOÖS Race is capable of, what the name BOÖS is all about, what the new component brand DEUX is up to, and why UNNO Bikes hope to be copied by other bike brands? We tell you all about it in our first ride review at our sister magazine E-MOUNTAINBIKE.

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Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Robin Schmitt, Cesar Rojo

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