I woke up this morning with a large pit in my stomach. A great big empty hole caused by my favorite bike being gone. It was stolen over the weekend while I was working, taking photos of the Enduro World Series.

Stolen bike of US Editor Daniel Dunn pre component modifications.
Stolen bike of US Editor Daniel Dunn pre component modifications.

We’re all such different people, but I’ve learned about myself over the years that I’m a bike guy. It’s the thing in life that I love the most. When I’m stressed out, I seek the bike for relief. When I want to have an awesome time and go camping with me friends, we plan the trip around bikes. When I want to ask a girl out, I try to figure out if she rides bikes and how can I work that in. Bikes are my life, and they have all been very personal to me.

When you have a bike for a bit, and you spend time working on it, and upgrading it, and adjusting it, and riding it hard over scary terrain, you get to know it and love it. So this bike became very very special to me. They all do. And now it’s gone.

But in the end, it is just a bike, and it is replaceable, and I’ve become mature enough to know that. Yes, I loved that bike, but yes, it’s just an object and I’ll move on. But I start to think about the bigger picture, the reasoning behind why someone would do such a thing. And I let myself get way too deep into it, and I get a little depressed about people. Why are we so cruel to each other? What makes us do things like steal a bike? What that person have done what they did if they saw the smile that bike brought to my face? Are they really that mean? Or just ignorant of other’s feelings?

So yeah, the bike is gone, and I’ve been sad for a few days. Things happen like this and life attempts to beat you down. But I’m not going to let it. No way. Bikes bring me too much joy. Bikes are the light in my life. Bikes can solve a lot of the problems in the world, I truly believe that. What if everyone in the world stopped everything the were doing at noon and went for a one hour bike ride? EVERYONE! Can you imagine how insanely happy and productive we would become? Some fresh air, some heart pumping exercise, no auto traffic?

Maybe I’ve grown up and matured in the right ways. I’ve seen a lot of hurt in this world, and we don’t need to promote it. That’s what I try to think about in times of sadness. The awesome-ness bikes can bring to the world. And you know what, I hope that person who stole my bike rides the snot out of it, and enjoys it as much as I did. (I’m not a saint though, I hope he crashes hard a couple times too!)

Quick Description of Bike:

  • Yeti Cycles SB66, size Medium
  • MRP front fork
  • Rock Shox Monarch Plus rear shock
  • Industry Nine Enduro wheels, with green hubs/spokes
  • Mismatched Geax, Maxxis tires

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