Life is made of challenges, adventures and there is nothing better than to go after then and explore the unknown.

Marco Fidalgo, Nadine Rieder und Paul Aston auf einem typischen Madeira Trail.

That’s why Marco Fidalgo from Berg Cycles Factory Team invited Nadine Rieder and Paul Aston. Together they left to Madeira island. There they discovered a little place called Porto Moniz which is situated on the north coast of the island of Madeira.

Vorischt mit den Lagern!

Porto Moniz is surrounded by a great variety of natures finest species for this reason this natural beauty is recognized with the Unesco World heritage status since 1999, the Forest “Laurisilva” offers naturally odd conditions for sports practice in general it’s an amazing place here the adventure began in the mountain and only ended at sea.

Airtime auf Madeira.

“Porto Moniz is a fantastic place that marks the difference has you can see in this short documentary. There are no limits and it is with great pleasure that I present the official video, The Drop in the Ocean proudly shows the world this amazing place called Porto Moniz and its north coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks Porto Moniz for all. The Adventure is released! Enjoy.” Marco Fidalgo – Berg Cycles Factory Team.

The adventure is released!

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