Next appointment for all ENDURO MASS START DOWNHILL MARATHON fans, 29th & 30th of June in the famous resort of Vallnord in Andorra.

It is indeed in the Principality that will take place the opening of the MAXIAVALANCHE® Europ Cup with all the riders addicted to line departures lines and tough competitions.

Vallnord step will retake the famous track from the Pic de Cubil at 2833 meters high to La Massana, nearly 1 500 meters below. The races will be spread from Saturday for the qualifying until Sunday with two rounds in each group of levels.

Is it necessary to recall those who get into a MAXIAVALANCHE® Marathon Downhill enjoy the privilege to go along with the leaders in their qualifying run. They then obtain a ranking that will position them for Sunday’s races in their corresponding group level:

– For the top 100 : MAXIAVALANCHE® Europ Cup,

– The 150 followers : The Maxi Challengers and its specific ranking and all the Master 50.

– Then, come the amateurs ranked beyond the 250 first. They even can be divided in two different runs : Amateur 1 & Amateur 2.

– Without forgetting the LADIES race.

We must add to this little reminder that it is possible to participate in the amateur category, if you choose to register only for the day on Sunday.

The pro/amateur spirit and the atmosphere specific to this racing formula remain the main elements of the MAXIAVALANCHE® Downhill Marathon.

Each edition gather nearly 600 riders for this opening stage.

The favourites will be spanish and french, three title-holders will be strongwilled to finish on the top of the podium : Franck PAROLIN (Giant), the spanish Tomas MISSER (Guak) and Karim AMOUR (Kona) winner in 2012 of the MAXIAVALANCHE® EUROP CUP.

Two outsiders also count as favorites for the podium, Spanish Iago Garay, and France Cross Country Champion who has chosen this year to race in the ENDURO starting lines, Nicolas Filippi (Giant).

In this specialty that requires the full range of mental and physical expressions of mountain biking, we expect beautiful battles which will maybe lead to the discovery of new champions.

Highlights of the formula MAXIAVALANCHE® Marathon Downhill held firsty in the spectacular mass starts which occur in descent from the highest point possible. But also in the struggle waged by competitors with obstructions on the course, and their true fight to win a place.

Last Minute !!!!!!

The MAXIAVALANCHE® Downhill Marathon Enduro in line final, initially programmed in the ÅRE resort in Sweden on the 23rd & 24th of August will be replaced by a MAXI ENDURO the 14th and 15th september in Vallnord in ANDORRE.

The formula of this final will offer the competitors a selection of single track on the whole resort from the village of La Massana.

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