For Issue #015, we headed to California where the winter was warm and sunny. We chose the Snyder Trail in the coastal Mountains of Santa Barbara for an unusual XC Bike grouptest.

Our aim was to prove, that a new generation of XC Bikes is probably the best choice for most of the mountainbikers. Newschool XC-Bikes are way more potent, versatile and fun than you would expect from them and their out-of-fashion Lycra image. It is a fact, that most of the XC customers never or rarely participate in a XC race – they are looking for fast fun on their home trails on an after-work ride. This was the reason why we wanted to push 8 different models to their limit. The test track drops around 2000 feet from the summit of the coastal mountains to the Santa Ynez river valley. Enjoy our onboard-Camera with ENDURO founder Robin Schmitt, followed by american Pro-Racer Ty Hathaway.

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