We live in crazy times. The alarm clock kicks our ass every morning and we jump submissively in neverending whirl of troubles. We know a medicine for it!

This new video from the Czech Republic goes against the tide. Relies on slow pace, pure story and return to the roots of biking. Nevertheless this refreshing short movie has been created by chance. Shooting of the product introduction of the Czech producer of Everbike bikepacking bags was the starting impulse.


But when the location in the mountains as well as the weather were perfect, the filmmaker Petr Slavík brought a very interesting material with him instead of ordinary shots. Just after their comeback it was shown that a very attractive bike story has started to be taking shape. So the whole movie has been made without any line of script, that means the other way around than it´s usual.


Most of the movie was made in two days on the ridge of Martinské Hole that provided a perfect scenery to the backcountry story. The mountains in the western part of Slovakia haven’t been a lot discovered locality yet, so they offer perfect conditions for all-mountain biking.


A lovely trail leads along the mountain ridges of the meadows, it offers fantastic views and rides. When you go fascinated by it to the south, your trip will be framed by deepening forests and accumulated technical pasages. Many magnificent natural trails lead from the top to the valley. And thermal swimming pools are waiting for you down there…


However the shooting wasn´t easy.“When you have to pedal everything by yourself, you must take the things for sleeping in the open air besides the needed shooting equipment and you know that there will be zero temperature during the night, it´s a bit different league,“ Petr Slavík explains a bit hard conditions.

And what about you? Will you get inspired?

Words & Pictures: Petr Slavík

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