Mountainbike Video Clip Shooting in Val Sarentino – Sarntal Valley / South Tyrol

Superstars of the Scene Rock the Stoanerne Mandlen and Jump in Mike’s Bike Park

The three Sundays in September on which this premium-class video was shot were perhaps the best of the season. The project’s mentor and hero, Gerhard “Krauti” Krautwurst (founder of Krauti & Cooking and Biking), as well as the sponsors B.S.C. Bike Suspension Center, Ghost Bikes Italy, Bike & More Cycling Adventures, Mike’s Bike Garage/Mike‘s Bike Park, the Hotel Olympia, and the Val Sarentino – Sarntal Valley Tourism Agency had succeeded in procuring the talents of several superstars of the scene for the shooting in the Sarentino Valley. Tomáš Slavík, Guido Tschugg, Andi Wittmann, and Filippo Prosperpio immediately felt completely at home in the Sarentino Valley and demonstrated every facet of their technical expertise. Under the professional direction of the film crew “Fullface Productions/Czech MTB Movie Project,” it was possible to capture fascinating footage of mountainbike enduro action at the Auener Pass and the stone men place “Stoanerne Mandlen”. Even the Haflinger horses were able to gallop along and keep pace with the pros. At Mike’s Bike Park – which, by the way, is the first of its kind in South Tyrol – the four crossers and freestylers engaged in exciting duels and performed breathtaking jumps. The video also covers the topic of leisure activities. Tomáš Slavík devotes himself to his cherished hobby and goes fishing in Durnholz Lake. Afterwards, Cooking & Biking boss “Krauti” invites the whole gang to Mike’s Park for a hearty feast of “Alpine Trout à la the Miller’s Wife.” Mike Felderer and Tomáš Slavík chill with their cruiserbikes along the highways and byways of Sarentino and stop in at a local inn for a cappuccino. Besides marvelous shots of the local scenery, there are some fabulous views of the Hotel Olympia.
The footage was shot using the latest technology. Thus, the mountainbikers can be seen from multiple angles through the use of drone cameras. The results are stunning: a unique 3-minute spot showcasing a “weekend in the Sarentino Valley.”
A longer version (approx. 50 minutes in length) of this video was broadcast on the television channel

Text: Pressemitteilung

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