Last year, YT unveiled a limited edition, carbon-free 27.5″ CAPRA. This year they’re offering a limited number of carbon-free 29″ CAPRA’s – by now you should have stopped reading this and headed straight to YT’s website …

the limited edition YT Capra 29
YT CAPRA 29 AL Limited Edition | 170/170 mm (f/r) | € 3,599 | 14.9 kg (manufacturer’s specs)

Why would we encourage you to stop reading this and head to YT’s website instead? Because the new Limited Edition YT CAPRA 29 will sell out real fast! Of the 400 bikes that YT are making of this model, 200 will be available to the European market. Like last year, the bike features a raw finish, though this time it comes with 29″ wheels. The Limited Edition is the only CAPRA in YT’s range that comes specced with a coil shock, which should work very well with the bike’s progressive linkage. A plush 170mm travel coupled with long and slack geometry make for a capable descender, ready to take on the most demanding trails.

Zero carbon and strictly limited – the new YT CAPRA definitely triggers our “must-have” reflex
001 of 400 – if you want this bike, you’ll have to act fast
Claimed to be 100% carbon-free! However, if you look closely, you will find 0.01% carbon
Raw frames are very difficult to manufacture – you can’t hide scratches that might occur during the production process under a coat of paint
The CAPRA 29 AL Ltd uses YT’s proven V4L rear linkage

100% carbon-free spec – well, 99,9%

YT claim the spec of YT CAPRA 29 AL Limited is 100% carbon-free. However, last year some attentive readers pointed out that the Shimano XTR derailleur features a carbon cage. If you’re going to be strict, you can say the spec is 99.9% carbon-free. One thing is certain: the componentry suits this bike’s intended purpose 100%. The FOX 36 Factory GRIP2 fork, SRAM CODE brakes, E13 wheels and tires and the Renthal cockpit leave nothing to be desired. The drivetrain consists of a mix of Shimano XTR components and a 9-46 tooth E13 cassette. Although the € 3,599 pricetag is € 100 more than last year’s 27.5″ version, it’s still very fair

At the front, you’ve got a FOX 36 Factory GRIP2 fork offering 170 mm travel
A rare sight: YT don’t usually spec a coil shock on the CAPRA. However, coil shocks work very well with the progressive linkage according to YT.
The only place you’ll find carbon is on the cage of the XTR derailleur
An E13 cassette with 9-46 teeth provides a whopping 511% gear range …
… and SRAM CODE RSC brakes offer plenty of stopping power
The generously dimensioned Renthal cockpit beautifully matches the raw frame

The geometry of the CAPRA 29 AL Limited

Like the regular CAPRA 29, the limited edition is available in four sizes from M—XXL. The seat tube is very short across the range of sizes, which allows you to choose the bike based on length instead of size. At 180 cm tall, for example, you could choose either the L or the XL. If you prefer agile handling, go for the smaller option, for those who want maximum composure we recommend the larger option. Since it has the same amount of travel, the geometry corresponds exactly to the CF PRO Race model, that we reviewed in our big group test at the beginning of the year. So the bike should climb relatively well, but it’s on the descents that it truly shines.

Seat tube 420 mm 445 mm 465 mm 490 mm
Top tube 584 mm 621 mm 645 mm 667 mm
Head tube 95 mm 105 mm 115 mm 120 mm
Head angle 65°/65.5° 65°/65.5° 65°/65.5° 65°/65.5°
Seat angle 75.5°/76° 75.5°/76° 75.5°/76° 75.5°/76°
Chainstay 435 mm 435 mm 440 mm 440 mm
BB Drop 25 mm/15 mm 25 mm/15 mm 25 mm/15 mm 25 mm/15 mm
Wheelbase 1203 mm 1227 mm 1256 mm 1279 mm
Reach 440 mm 460 mm 480 mm 500 mm
Stack 621 mm 630 mm 639 mm 644 mm


If you want to own this beauty, you’ve got to act fast! The carbon-free CAPRA 29 AL is limited to 400 bikes worldwide.

Prices and availability of the YT CAPRA 29 AL Limited Edition

If you’re still reading this article, it may be too late. As mentioned above, the bike is limited to just 400, of which 200 are available in Europe. The price for the CAPRA 29 AL Limited is € 3,599.00 or £ 3,299.00 or $ 3,599.00.

The bike can be ordered now on

Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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