After we already put a list of five finest Strava tools together last week now it’s time for the follow-up. We’ve found another five analysis tools for your Strava rides and here they are in a second ‘best-of’ list. Have fun trying them out!

Nach der Strava-Analyse im Auto folgt ab sofort die trainingswirksame Nachbereitung am PC.
After the Strava analysis in the car now you can process the data on your PC to optimise training.

1. VeloViewer

Possibly the most comprehensive tool available – it analyses all of your GPS-activities and their Strava statistics and displays them together in a clear way.

Und das ist erst ein Teil der Übersichtsfunktion des VeloViewers...
And that’s just one part of the overview VeloViewers function …

In the free version VeloViewer collects up-to 25 of your rides and 250 segments, analyses them and then displays them next to each other in tabular, graph, map or diagram form. In the Pro Version the user can process his entire Strava history through the tool. Both versions of VeloViewer offer numerous filters allowing performance to be compared in the smallest of details meaning you can reach training specific decisions from the data.

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2. Virtual Partner Uploader

Combined with the Virtual Partner Function of your Garmin GPS device allows you ride against the best performance of your friends live.

Messe dich mit den Besten - einfach die URL der Strava Fahrt einfügen, konvertieren und ab auf’s Garmin!
Measure yourself against the best – just copy in the URL of a Strava ride, convert and upload to the Garmin!

With the Virtual Partner Uploader Tool you can turn any Strava recording into a virtual opponent and then use the Virtual Partner Function of your Garmin to compete against it.
This can turn your training tool into a method of torture but it’s certainly effective.

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3. Multiple Ride Mapping

This allows you to display all of your activities on maps and then filter them based on time, description or keyword.

Wie viel Abwechslung man den Monat über hatte sieht man im Multiple Ride Mapping sofort.
You can immediately see how much variety your last months riding had in the Multiple Ride Mapping.

The Multiple Ride Mapping Tool allows you to simultaneously display all of your activities on just one map. Then you can choose a filtered selection based on time, keyword or type of activity and switch between different presentation options. A nice tool which on the one hand shows you where you can tick things off your bucket list and on the other reminds you where you haven’t managed to ride yet.

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4. Strava Annual Summary

Your Strava year at a glance.

Ein Menge cooler Optionen bietet das Strava Annual Summary Tool.
The Strava Annual Summary Tool offers a load of cool options.

The Strava Annual Summary Tool offers detailed analysis of your Strava year.
Along with the annual distance, altitude and climb class the regions you have visited are also displayed. Nothing else lets you check whether you have reached your aims for the year or whether you are ready for new challenges.

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5. Matesrace

Compare yourself to friends, your club or team mates over multiple segments.

Nicht nur die Funktionalität sonder auch die Optik ist sehr ansprechend bei Matesrace.
Not just the functionality: the look of Matesrace is also pretty promising.

To finish a real cracker: the new Strava tool Matesrace turns a local ride into a mini Enduro race amongst friends. Simply create your own Event on the Matesrace website, choose the start and finish point and segments and off you go – may the fastest win and buy the after ride drinks round!

Noch ein sehr frisches Tool, aber mit großem Potential - wer wollte nicht schon immer mal auf die Schnelle eine kleines Rennen organisieren?
Still a very fresh tool, but one with huge potential – which of us hasn’t wanted to quickly organise a little race?

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Words: Laurenz Utech | Photo: Robin Schmitt

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