A few months back we had the opportunity to shoot Marcus Klausmann and his latest Ghost prototype, and at the recent enduro race in Riva he tore its latest evolution down the track – revealing some exciting news about the new bike. Keep reading to find out more.

Markus Klausmann präsentierte uns einen Prototypen des in kürze erscheinenden Modell Path mit 150 mm Federweg am Heck
Marcus Klausmann presented us with the prototype of the 150mm-rear travel Path, which will soon be officially launched.
Neben dem hier vorgestellten Ghost Path wird auch die restliche Ghost-Produktpalette komplett überarbeitet.
Alongside the Path that we’re presenting here, the entire portfolio of Ghost has undergone extensive development.

As standard, the Path will launch onto the market in various models, each of which is ‘more than slightly’ race-orientated with 170mm forks. But even creating one new range isn’t enough for Ghost, who have given virtually their entire back catalogue an overhaul. The former Riot will soon only be available as a long-travel ride, with a setup primed for racing. The facelift given to the ARM series has resulted in the Slammer (130mm travel), Slammer X (150mm travel) and the Framer (160mm travel) – these are intended to be affordable trail and touring bikes for ambitious amateurs.

Kleine Details wie die demontierbare Direct Mount-Aufnahme für Umwerfer und Kettenführung verraten den fortgeschrittenen Entwicklungsstand des Prototypen.
Small details such as the detachable Direct Mount hanger for the derailleur and chain guide are testament to the prototype’s now rather advanced state of development.

Marcus presents us with a bike that’s screaming ‘race-ready’, evident from the high performance parts. Traction comes courtesy of the 36 Float RC2 forks and the Float X shock from FOX Racing Shox, while the highly coveted, racing-orientated SRAM XX1 groupset takes care of the transmission. The chain is kept in place by an E.13 XCX+ Direct Mount chain guide. Just like the suspension, the D.O.S.S seat post hails from FOX Racing Shox.

20 mm mehr Federweg als das Heck bietet die FOX 36 Float RC2 mit 170 mm.
With 170mm front travel, the FOX 36 Float RC2 offers 20mm more travel than the rear.
Das Cockpit mit den Klausmann-typisch sehr flach montierten Bremsgriffen. Markant: Der Radcomputer, der immer Aufschluss über wichtige Daten gibt.
Keeping in line with Klausmann’s iconic style, the cockpit has distinctively flat brake levers. Interesting: the bike computer keeps the rider in the loop with all the important stats.

You can’t help but notice the SRM PowerMeter, mounted inside the spider between the cranks and the chain rings, which provides detailed stats on power exertion and wattage. The size of the chainrings is set to vary, explains Klausmann: “Depending on the course I change the size of the chain rings. For enduro races that climb a lot – like this one in Riva del Garda – I use a 32-toothed chain ring, but for flatter routes I’d prefer a 34-toothed one.”

Um seine Leistung genau überprüfen zu können, fährt Marcus immer mit PowerMeter.
Marcus always rides with a PowerMeter to analyse his performance.
Beim Antrieb vertraut Marcus der erprobten SRAM XX1 11-fach Gruppe.
When it comes to the drivetrain Marcus goes for the proven SRAM XX1 11-speed.

As one of Schwalbe’s developers, Marcus naturally rides Schwalbe tyres, with a Schwalbe Magic Mary on the front and a fast rolling Rock Razor at the rear. Both are tubeless in the SuperGravity variant, and have a width of 2.35”.

Für Verzögerung sorgt die Magura MT7, die uns auch in unserem Bremsen-Vergleichstest überzeugen konnte.
Having won us over in our brake group test, the Magura MT7 take care of braking for Marcus too.
Wie auf dem Lenker ist auch auf den Tune King und Kong-Naben der Fahrer vermerkt.
Just like on the handlebars, the rider has left his mark on the Tune King and Kong hub.

The cockpit comprises of personalized Sixpack bars, attached to a 50mm Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 stem. Aside from the centrally-positioned bike computer, the distinctively flat Magura MT7 brake levers catch your eye and Marcus comments: “The positioning of your brake levers is really a personal choice – I find it best when they’re flatter, even if this doesn’t necessarily reflect the norm.”

Wie das Fahrwerk stammt auch die Sattelstütze aus dem Haus FOX Racing Shox.
Both the suspension and the seatpost come from FOX Racing Shox.
Wie beim Riot kommt auch beim Path Ghosts hauseigene Federungstechnologie, der Riot Link, zum Einsatz.
The same as the Riot, the Path makes use of Ghost’s own suspension technology in the form of the Riot Link.

After presenting this specific bike to us, Marcus revealed some further details concerning Ghost’s upcoming product shake-up, which is due to be launched at their own in-house fair halfway through the season.

Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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