Canyon’s popular downhill bike Torque DHX is a good choice for freeriding and bike park shredding, but not so much for downhill racing. Now the gravity lineup of the german brand gets an entirely new downhill race bike, the Canyon Sender CF. All details on the new steed directly from Canyon:

“Downhill is as much about creativity as it is about strength, skill and guts.” The fastest lines don’t stand out. Blazing trail through a rock garden, hitting that hidden transfer or cutting the corner everyone is railing gets attention, but the clock tells the truth. Your line is the difference between the podium and no man’s land. Piecing together the perfect run is an art form. To Draw The Line requires geometry configured for ultimate control, suspension that builds momentum on track and a construction that leaves no doubts in your mind. This is where we Draw The Line: Sender CF

Schon im Stand kämpferisch: das neue Canyon Sender CF
Race ready out of the box: the new Canyon Sender CF

Suspension Concept


When developing the Sender’s four-bar suspension system we set out to create the perfect mix of three interlocking characteristics: anti-squat, pedal kickback and anti-rise. High anti-squat enables efficient acceleration but also results in more pedal kickback. We optimised this to strike a balance that actively increases the rider’s momentum without causing undue leg fatigue over fast repetitive hits. Effective anti-rise means the rear end remains active and in contact with the ground under heavy braking for exceptional traction and control when they’re needed the most.

Canyon-Sender_MX Link


Inspired by motocross setups, our all-new MX Link enables us to tune the shock leverage ratio independent of anti-squat, pedal kickback or anti-rise. The combination of our MX Link and the latest generation of lightweight, highly adjustable air shocks means we can create the ideal racing suspension setup consisting of three distinct phases.

1. Phase: Air shocks require more force for activation than coil shocks. The MX Link transmits high power at the start of the stroke to overcome this. The result is outstanding responsiveness, small bump sensitivity and traction around the sag point, just like riding a coil shock.
2. Phase: Lower power through the mid-stroke provides a stable platform to reduce momentum loss. This enables the rider to actively pump for more track speed and make pinpoint line choices.
3. Phase: We combine the progressiveness of air shocks with a more moderate progression at the end of the stroke to avoid blowing through the entire travel and to give the suspension its bottomless feel. Using volume spacers, the rider can further fine-tune the shock’s progression to their needs.



Geo Tune

No two tracks are the same. Geo Tune means the Sender’s geometry can be transformed to match the terrain with six possible head angle and chainstay configurations. Standard concentric headset cups give a head angle of 63°. For tracks that are either faster and steeper, or flatter and twistier, the standard cups can be swapped out for eccentric headset cups that enable a slacker 62° or steeper 64°.
Chainstay length can also be adjusted to suit both course and riding style. Where tight corners make all the difference, the shorter 430 mm setting provides a rapid responding rear end. If high speed is what it takes, the longer 446 mm setting increases stability. Making the change simply requires inserting the through axle into the chosen dropout and switching the position of the brake mount.

Frame Features

  • Fork Bumper: Not only does the Fork Bumper protect the frame, it provides a clean entry point for the cables into the down tube.
  • Down Tube Protector: Added protection where the frame is vulnerable to impacts from stones and other debris.
  • 2C Armour: A two-piece component with a hard core to protect the chainstay and a so upper to reduce excessive chain noise.
  • Heel Protector: Protects the chainstay on the non-drive side.
  • Cable Cushion: Cable rattle and movement inside the frame are avoided thanks to the foam Cable Cushion that runs through the down tube.
  • Cable Pit: The recessed cable exit beneath the main pivot enables a larger radius to avoid kinks and cable growth for accurate shi ing performance.
  • Integrated Seat Clamp: Designing a clamp that visually merges with the frame maintains the seat tube’s line throughout.
  • Sag Monitor: Shock adjustment made simple through integration.


Canyon Sender CF 7.0

Canyon Sender CF 7.0 | Preis: 3599 € | Gewicht: 17,4 kg
Canyon Sender CF 7.0 | Price: € 3599 | Weight: 17.4 kg
  • Fork: FOX 40 Float Performance
  • Shock: FOX Float X2 Performance
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Zee
  • Brakes: Shimano Zee
  • Wheels: DT Swiss FR 2020

Canyon Sender CF 8.0

Canyon Sender CF 8.0 | Preis: 4299 € | Gewicht: 16,5 kg
Canyon Sender CF 8.0 | Price: € 4299 | Weight: 16.5 kg
  • Fork: RockShox Boxxer Team
  • Shock: RockShox Vivid Air R2C
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X01 DH
  • Brakes: SRAM Guide RSC
  • Wheels: E13 LG1+

Canyon Sender CF 9.0

Canyon Sender CF 9.0 | Preis: 4799 € | Gewicht: 16,2 kg
Canyon Sender CF 9.0 | Price: € 4799 | Weight: 16.2 kg
  • Fork: FOX 40 Float Factory
  • Shock: FOX Float X2 Factory
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X01 DH
  • Brakes: SRAM Guide RSC
  • Wheels: DT Swiss FR 1950

Read more about the new bike on the Canyon Website

Words and Photos: Canyon PM

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