Germany’s Trickstuff are always busy; if they’re not revising current parts, they’re developing brand new ones – while always keeping their aluminium parts heading in the same direction: ‘lighter and stronger.’ Based in Freiburg, Trickstuff have a serious bag of tricks up their sleeve to ensure that your bikes won’t have to suffer any pesky issues for any longer.

Direttissima brakes

Wohl der spannendste Neuzugang in der Produktpalette: die Direttissima-Bremse.
By far the most exciting new addition to their portfolio: the Direttissima brakes.

The Direttissima brakes almost certainly constitute the Freiburg-based company’s most exciting new addition. Available as a dual or quad-piston brake, the Direttissima is reputed to be ever more powerful than Trickstuff’s popular CLEG. With a mere 5 g weight difference, the company claim that the dual and quad-piston brakes actually offer the same standard of power, although the pressure point on the dual-piston model is somewhat lighter. The increased braking power is exerted from the newly designed brake levers, while the brake caliper remains the same as the CLEG. The company haven’t just revised the amount of power exerted by the levers, they’ve also received a new and more ergonomic design. Moreover, Trickstuff claim that these brakes are now easier to modulate, thanks to the CNC-milled levers whose four ball bearings and Teflon seals are reputed to be satisfyingly smooth.

Vier Kugellager und Dichtungen aus Teflon sollen die Reibung des Hebels minimieren.
The four ball bearings and Teflon seals are designed to minimize friction.
Der Hebel wurde komplett neu designt und großzügig ausgefräst – so kommt die Bremse auf leichte 220 g.
The lever has received a brand new design, which has seen them milled to reduce the weight to a minimum –just 220 g.
Beim Bremssattel setzt man auf Bewährtes und verwendet den der CLEG-Bremse.
Trickstuff kept to the tried and tested, relying on the CLEG brake caliper.

The lever’s reach can be fine-tuned and they are Matchmaker compatible. As just the levers have been redesigned, they are available for individual purchase from November for 200 €. The complete brakeset, including disc brakes and adaptors, asks for a hefty chunk of 800 €. However, weighing just 220 g (dual piston, 75 cm cable), the Direttissima are lighter than Shimano’s top-of-the-range XTR.

Spacers, adapters and clamps

Clevere Helfer: Ringli-Spacer & Co.
Handy little helpers: Ringli spacers & co.
Das Deckele ist ein neuartiger Ansatz der Ahead-Kralle, die dank M4-Schraube aufgespreizt geklemmt und wieder entfernt werden kann. Dahinter: die Ringli genannten, innen ausgedrehten Spacer, die das Gewicht des Cockpits optimieren.
The Deckele is a new type of Ahead dirt cap, which can be installed and removed multiple times thanks to its M4 expander bolt. Shown further back is the internally milled Ringli spacer to optimize the weight of your cockpit.

Trickstuff have also launched yet more little helpers to optimize the weight of your bike, simplify familiar systems or solve problems. We particularly liked the Ringli and Deckele, which have been designed to improve the state of your cockpit.
The Deckele is a new type of Ahead dirt cap, which can be installed and removed multiple times thanks to its M4 expander bolt. Also suitable for carbon steerers, cables can be routed through it. Behind the name Ringli, you’ll find internally milled spacers, which should optimize the weight of your cockpit. The price tag for the dirt cap is just 30 €, and it weighs just 12 g. For a set of four spacers (3, 6, 9 and 13 mm), expect to shell out around 20 €.

Der Friendship-Adapter ermöglicht das Zusammenspiel von SRAM-Bremse und Shimano-Schalthebel.
The Friendship adapter enables the union of SRAM brakes and Shimano brake levers.
Die GANDHI-Sattelklemme ist leicht und schont den Rahmen dank hoher Klemmkraft bei niedrigem Anzugsmoment.
The GANDHI seatclamp is lightweight, and delivers a high clamping power with a low torque.

The Friendship adaptor has been designed to unite SRAM brakes and Shimano brake levers. Costing 13.90 € each or 19.90 € for a pair, the adaptors pose a simple and affordable manner in which to increase the ergonomics of the cockpit.
The GANDHI seatclamp is skinny and lightweight while still delivering a high clamping power with a low torque given the location of its screw close to the seattube. Weighing just 9g, the GANDHI costs 30 € and is already available.

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Words: Daniel Schlicke Photos: Christoph Bayer

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