Until now, Schwalbe hasn’t been very talkative when it came to their new dual chamber system. But now, the German tire manufacturer revealed more details to their innovative invention and showed the inside of the system.

The basic idea of the dual chamber system: Each tire is split into two sections, both need no tube. The outer ring, directly under the tread, is intended to be filled with 1 bar (15 psi) or less to create the best grip possible. The inner ring – facing the rim – on the other hand, should have higher pressures to prevent dents in the rim and provide the tire with enough stability for aggressive cornering. On standard tires riding at less than 20 psi is simply too risky, because the possibility of snake-bites and burping is just too high.

This view of an open tire gives the first insight into the system and the product name is also revealed.
This view of an open tire gives the first insight into the system, also revealing the product name.

PROCORE is short for progressive core. The Procore system is a joint development with Syntace, but it can be mounted on all conventional wheels that have a minimum internal width of 23 mm. Theoretically, you just could drill a second hole into existing rims, but they need to deal with the high pressure (6 bar) of the inner system. Schwalbe is already negotiating with many manufacturers.


Two valves on one wheel – soon a common sight?

Once you have delt with the choice of rim-selection, it does not end there, when it comes to tire choice the Procore gives you all the freedom you need: You don’t need to run Schwalbe tires, the Procore system is compatible with all tubeless-ready tires. It adds about 200 gram to the wheel – but keep in mind you might be able to run lighter tires due to the increased snake-bite resistance. The Procore system will be available for all wheel sizes.

Emergency Running Characteristics

In addition to the extremely sensitive cushioning and the extra traction, the new Procore system factors in excellent emergency running characteristics. It’s possible to finish your ride only on the inner tube without damaging the rim, – no more denting (which could be important for enduro racers)! Even if the internal high-pressure air chamber leaks, it just increases the pressure on the outer chamber and you can continue your ride.

CCube Action Team Pilot Nico Lau achieved his first Enduro World series win with Schwalbes Procore system.
Cube Action Team Pilot Nico Lau achieved his first Enduro World series win with Schwalbes Procore system.

Pricing and Availability

Schwalbes Procore System has been extensively tested by different world-class athletes and has already claimed victories at the Enduro World Series and the Downhill Worldcup. It will hit the stores early 2015 and the set (front + rear) will cost about 150 Euros, tire not included.

Words: Aaron Steinke Photos: Schwalbe

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