This time, Fabien joins Jey Clementz in Winter Park, Colorado at the 4th round of the Enduro World Series. But rather than a fast-paced, point of view look at the course, it’s a pre-race reflection on what goes on in the mind of top enduro riders.

Well before the race begins, their mental preparation has long since jumped out of the starting gate. Guys like Jey and Fab spend as much time in their own heads as they do on the course in practice. The mental challenge is as significant as the physical effort.
This episode documents the different ways these riders train their brains. Maintaining the right attitude in the face of all kinds of weather conditions, course conditions, mechanical issues, and physical effort is critical. Planning ahead, keeping bikes and bodies ready for anything is always part of the game.

When it’s finally time to drop in on course, all the mental focus pays off.


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