For the coming season Cube has re-engineered the well known and popular Stereo platform. The Stereo 120 HPA/HPC is completely new but the proven Stereo 160 also had a complete facelift and doesn’t have much in common with the current model. Things get thick with the new Nutrail – Cube’s first fat bike.

Komplett neu für 2016: Das Cube Stereo 120 HPC.
Completely new for 2016: the Cube Stereo 120 HPC.

Cube Stereo 120 HPC

The new Cube Stereo 120 HPC 29 is aimed squarely at trail- and all-round riders who might want to compete in the occasional marathon race or ride across the Alps. Depending on frame size the bike comes with either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels. Frame sizes 16″, 18″ and 20″ come with 27.5″ whilst 19″, 21″ and 23″ are equipped with 29″ wheels. Price-wise the new Stereo HPC starts at € 3200 and the top model shown here costs € 4000. The cheaper aluminium versions are available from € 2200.

Das Cube Stereo 120 HPC setzt auf einen Carbon-Hauptrahmen und einen Aluminium-Hinterbau mit 142x12 mm Achse.
The Cube Stereo 120 HPC is based around a carbon-front frame and an aluminium-rear with 142×12 mm axle.
Schick gelöst: Die Bremsleitung wird um den Hinterbau herum zu ihrem Bestimmungsort geführt und ist so optimal geschützt.
Nicely done: the brake hose is led around the rear frame to its final destination and is thus optimally protected.
Die Züge verlaufen im inneren des Carbon-Hauptrahmen.
The cables run through the carbon front triangle.
Side Swing-Umwerfer bieten deutlich leichtere und schnellere Schaltvorgänge in Front. Logisch das auch das neue Cube Stereo 120 dafür vorbereitet ist.
A Side Swing front derailleur allows much lighter and quicker shifting, it’s only logical that the Cube Cube Stereo 120 frame is fully compatible with it.
Die Geometrie des Stereo 120 HPC mit 27,5" (blau)- und 29"-Laufrädern (grün).
The geometry of the Stereo 120 HPC with 27.5″- (blue) and 29″-wheels (green).
Auf Basis des Stereo 120 wird es auch eine, für Frauen optimierte Version namens Sting WLS 120 geben.
A new women’s specific model called the Sting WLS 120 and based on the Stereo 120 wll also be available.

Cube Stereo 160

Cube has given the well known and Enduro World Series proven Stereo 160 a comprehensive facelift for the next season. A longer and slacker geometry, space for a shock with piggy-back and an ISCG mount are all upgrades which fast riders and racers will especially appreciate. Furthermore the has bike been put on a diet, the cable routing reworked (now Di2 ready) and the standover height reduced.

Ultra sexy: Das Cube Stereo 160 C68 Team Replica mit der auffallend rot/blauen Lackierung.
Ultra sexy: the Cube Stereo 160 C68 Team Replica with the umissable red/blue finish.

The Cube Stereo will be available in both aluminium and carbon fibre versions whilst the composite frames will be offered with different carbon-layups. The top model utilises a C68-Carbon Technology, first introduced this year which applies special fibre laminate which reduces the amount of epoxy required saving considerable weight. The prices range from € 2700 (aluminium) to approx. € 6500 for the top end carbon-model.

Das Cube Action Team nutzte bereits in der Saison Dämpfer mit Ausgleichsbehälter. Ab 2016 ist das jetzt auch für Jedermann möglich.
The Cube Action Team have already been using a piggy-back shock this year. From 2016 everyone else can benefit from one.
An der Front arbeitet eine Fox 36 Float Factory-Federgabel.
At the front a Fox 36 Float Factory fork does duties.
Hinter dem Unterrohrschutz hat Cube Platz für den Di2-Akku geschaffen.
Cube has made room for a Di2 battery behind the down tube protector plate.
Der farblich perfekt abgestimmte Vorbau gefällt ebenso wie die intern Kabelführung.
The colour co-ordinated stem wins fans just as much as the internally routed cables.
Der Reach ist länger, der Lenkwinkel flacher und der Sitzwinkel flacher. Uns gefällt die Geometrie des neuen Stereo 160 ausgesprochen gut!
The Reach is longer, the head tube slacker and the seat tube steeper. On paper we already like the geometry of the new Stereo 160 a lot.

Cube Nutrail

Discover new trails, conquer every type of terrain and stick two fingers up at whatever nature throws at you – that’s what the new Cube Nutrail is made for. And of course to have as much fun as possible on the trails! Cube Product manager Sebastian Förth tested the prototypes based on a Cube Reaction last winter. Although the frame has clearance for 4.8” tyres Cube and Schwalbe developed a 4.5” version of the Jumbo Jim. It will be available when the Nutrail hits the shops and aims to find the perfect compromise between 4.0″ and 4.8″ tyres. Every one of the three models features a suspension fork. Prices start at € 1999 whilst the top model with dropper post and 1×11 drivetrain costs € 3999.

Bereits seit letztem Winter im Dauereinsatz: Das Cube Nutrail von Produktmanager Sebastian.
Already in permanent use since last winter: Cube Product manager Sebastian’s Nutrail.
Sehr schick: der Kontrast zwischen dem schlanken Rahmen und den fetten Reifen.
Tres chic: the contrast between the slim frame and the fat tyres.
Der Schaltzug wird intern, die Bremsleitung extern verlegt.
Gear cables run internally, brake hoses externally.
Für den Traileinsatz ist eine Federgabel Pflicht. Beim Nutrail kommt sie bei allen Modellen zum Einsatz.
For real trail use a suspension fork is essential. On the Nutrail every model features front suspension.
Egal ob 2-fach oder 1-fach, beim neuen Cube Nutrail ist beides möglich.
2 or 1 front rings, on the new Cube Nutrail either is possible.

Cube Stereo 150 HPA 27.5+

Cube has also recognised the advantages of Plus tyres and will release a model for the wider rubber for next season – the Stereo 150 HPA 27.5+. Unfortunately during the Media Days in Kirchberg we didn’t get to see the bike. The Stereo 150 + will be available in different spec levels with prices from € 3500 to € 4500 and is aimed above all at all-round and trail riders looking for an extra level of riding confidence.

Mehr als ein Rendering des neuen Rahmens liegt uns aktuell noch nicht vor.
More than a rendering of the new frame is currently not available.

More info about Cube bikes here:

Text & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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